GEREXIT? Merkel in MELTDOWN as nearly HALF of Germans want EU referendum, poll finds

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“The peasants ARE revolting!!!”

GEREXIT? Merkel in MELTDOWN as nearly HALF of Germans want EU referendum, poll finds:

NEARLY half of all Germans want to hold a referendum on their nations EU membership – with a survey suggesting almost two-thirds of Germans are unhappy and want change in the crumbling Brussels bloc.

A survey carried out by TNS Infratest Politikforschung found 42 per cent of Germans believe there should be a referendum on their EU membership and that 62 per cent of Germans think the EU is “heading in the wrong direction”.

The same survey found 67 per cent want the bureaucratic superstate to change its political direction and just 39 per cent of Germans believe EU membership is exclusively positive.

About 96 per cent of Germans want the failing Brussels bloc to be become “more transparent and closer to the people”, the independent polling institute found.

The results will come as a blow to Angela Merkel, who has been widely criticised for her open-door immigration policy which saw one million migrants enter Germany in 2015.

Yet the German Chancellor last week announced plans to after announcing her bid to run for ha fourth term as her nations’ leader.

Almost half of all respondents believe the refugee crisis is the biggest problem the country faces and a resolution can only be found with the cooperation of the other 27 member states.

Yet more than a quarter of Germans believe the other member states have left the country to deal with the immigration problem by itself, highlighting the deep divisions which is driving the bloc apart.

The migrant crisis which has plagued the EU in recent months has led to 70 per cent of respondents wanting the EU to protect its external borders, with 21 per cent wanting them to be completely closed.

It is estimated some 215,000 migrants have been denied the right to stay in Germany over the last 18 months, most because they come from countries in eastern Europe and north Africa which are not ravaged by war.

Around 60 per cent of the respondents also believe that Germany should strengthen its role within the EU and promote its interests within the bloc, even if it contradicts the views of other members.

Just one third of Germans who responded to the polling have faith in the refugee resettlement deal with Turkey.

As part of the EU’s deal with Turkey, migrants and refugees who arrive on Greek shores after March 20 are to be transported to five Aegean islands and shipped back to the Islamic nation if their asylum applications are not accepted.

Eurocrats promised to give Ankara more than £5billion as part of a deal that would speed up Turkey’s entry into the EU if Erdogan promised to stop boats of migrants making the perilous journey to Greece and the rest of Schengen zone.

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