Backlash: Prominent Conservative James Woods Quits Twitter In Censorship Protest

Backlash: Prominent Conservative James Woods Quits Twitter In Censorship Protest:

Days after Twitter unleashed a purge of so-called “alt-right” accounts, deleting users without explanation, many speculated that this would lead to an angry backlash in which conservative pundits using Twitter would voluntarily leave the struggling social network in protest over Twitter’s suddenly rampant, and dubious, censorship.

Overnight, this was confirmed when actor and prominent conservative commentator James Woods tweeted that “Since @Twitter is now in the #censorship business, I will no longer use its service for my constitutional right to free speech. #GoodbyeAll”

He also changed his bio to say “Twitter has now sadly abdicated its position as a sole beacon of free speech. Voltaire’s famous dictum has been quietly buried by these left wing savages.”

As we warned earlier this week, while Twitter has every right to block and delete any users it chooses – even if one may question its preference to  focus on right-wing, conservative accounts even as Islamic State “terrorist” accounts continue to proliferate within Twitter – the big risk for the company, whose growth rate has already peaked resulting in its share price plunging and leading to numerous rotations at the corner office and mass layoffs, is pushing away as much as half of its audience.

Meanwhile, we are confident that in the aftermath of Woods’ boycott, many more vocal conservatives will follow suit, leading to even greater user-retention headaches for Jack Dorsey – whose tactics to allegedly become a liberal echo chamber have been criticized by both the left and right – and an even lower TWTR stock price.

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