New Zealand: Night Sky Lighting Up With Mysterious Green, White And Blue Flashes During Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake (Video)

Earthquake lights in New Zealand – Video

Footage filmed during the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake shows the night sky lighting up with mysterious green, white and blue flashes.

New Zealander Zachary Bell said he filmed a video at ‘the peak of the shaking’, noting that ‘the sky began to light up with colours’ over the sea.

Similar accounts of lights in the sky emerged following the Christchurch earthquake in 2011, ABC News reported.Zachary Bell’s video can also be seen here.

I describe earthquake lights in Not by Fire but by Ice. See chapter 8, “Earthquake Lights and Crazy Snakes.”

Thanks to Dean Koehler for this link

Also, see photos of cows trapped on a grassy “island” created by the earthquake. How are they going to get them down?

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