WikiLeaks supporters call on Trump to ‘pardon’ Assange

WikiLeaks supporters call on Trump to ‘pardon’ Assange:

Supporters of Julian Assange are appealing to Donald Trump through both social media and a petition to pardon the WikiLeaks founder, who is in exile at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

They says Assange unveiled the US elite’s “corruption” and must be “honored” as a hero.

Over 5,000 people signed the petition aimed at the newly-elected president, asking him to grant “a presidential pardon” to Assange and clear him of “any crimes alleged against him.”

“Julian Assange has been persecuted and harried by the very people he has sought to expose for their lies and deceptions against the people of the world,” the petition filed on reads.“Mr. Assange has shone a bright light on the corruption of those who presume to rule us.”

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3 thoughts on “WikiLeaks supporters call on Trump to ‘pardon’ Assange”

  1. Progress…..but why should the British & Swedish taxpayers cough up compensation when the costs of all this ridiculous charade should really be paid by the CIA ( US Taxpayer) who were pissed off, that Assange/Wikileaks originally released Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning’s embarrassing leaked video of the US Army AH-64 Apache Helicopter crew assassinating the 12 Reuters reporters and photographers in Iraq (see link), and got obedient Sweden to get two young hookers to make false accusations against him, in order that he could be extradicted to USA & suicided.

    The incompetence of the bureaucrats & military is matched only by their army’s inability to distinguish a Nikkor/Soligor 500mm telephoto lens from an AK-47.

    This whole story sums up the US warring propaganda machine, bloody pathetic at best.

    The incompetence reaches new levels daily, as John Kirby just proved in the White House.

  2. Or not……per Jim Stone

    Wikileaks confirmed gone, I believe this is 100 percent real
    15 of the top people at Wikileaks were nailed at the same time Julian Assange had his “internet cut”. I watched the live cam all night and they took Assange away in a black armored van. If he was still at the embassy, he’d have appeared at the window and has not. Now it appears one of the top wikileaks staff has spoken out, and I believe this is 100 percent accurate because it matches my own observations PERFECTLY:


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