Crackdown on Illegal Migrants Cancelled After Complaints People Felt ‘Uneasy’

Crackdown on Illegal Migrants Cancelled After Complaints People Felt ‘Uneasy’:

A promised crackdown in Sweden on illegal migrants has stalled, as police have agreed to stop asking landlords and communities to help track illegals in hiding following complaints that border control emails made people feel “uneasy”.

A police spokesman admitted the U-turn, after several municipal housing facilities in Blekinge received emails asking for help in detecting migrants who are staying in Sweden illegally, reports Göteborgs-Posten.

Ewa-Gun Westford told reporters: “We take very seriously [the fact] that people felt very uneasy due to the email. Therefore, we will not do it here.”

“The people we seek are often hiding with relatives/acquaintances”, police wrote in the offending email. Landlords were also asked to share information on properties at which they suspect there may be extra people residing.

Attempts at border control through the years have been hampered by Sweden’s staunchly-enforced culture of political correctness. The previous, nominally centre-right government, fired Immigration Minister Tobias Billström after he said the vast majority of people hiding illegal migrants are not “nice, blonde, Swedish lad[ies]” but “fellow countrymen who are not blond and blue-eyed”.

Billström’s words were deemed “worrying”, by Green Party migration spokesman, Maria Ferm, who said: “I am alarmed every time anyone makes a distinction between man and man.”

Sweden’s Red-Green government is under pressure after the country of under 10 million people received more than 160,000 asylum applications last year. According to their estimations, around half of the people who applied lack any real grounds for asylum and therefore are eligible to be deported.

The government is aware of the fact that many of the people whose asylum is rejected refuse to respect the state’s decision and instead go underground and fears that tens of thousands of those refused asylum last year will act in the same way, Avpixlat reported.

The number of Swedes telling polls they want fewer “refugees” has doubled in just a year, with 60 per cent now wanting to see slashes to the level of migration to the Nordic country.

With conservative estimates showing arrivals in 2015 alone come with a lifetime cost of around £50 billion, the Swedish government promised a serious crackdown on illegal migration.

Avpixlat’s editor-in-chief Mats Dagerlind says any future savings are unlikely, as indications show that other police districts will follow Blekinge, with any serious checks on illegal immigration cancelled as a result of “leftist activists and their mouthpieces in the MSM”.

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