US Condemnation Of Yemen Slaughter Backfires As World Blames US

US Condemnation Of Yemen Slaughter Backfires As World Blames US:

Once called the world’s greatest purveyor of violence by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., the US government has made a habit of issuing vapid self-serving and hypocritical statements about humanitarian crises all over the world.

In some cases, a flack standing behind a government podium will give a boilerplate condemnation of the violence and horrors, while in many cases a simple press release will do.

So it was the normal routine on Tuesday, when UN Ambassador Samantha Power issued another typical empty condemnation of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where thousands have been killed and thousands more are starving to death. But the bullshit did not stand long.

Activists immediately pointed out it was the government for which Power was speaking that was leading the slaughter, providing the very weapons the Saudis were using to bomb civilians and damage the food supply.

In fact, it was a US-made bomb that Saudi Arabia used on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Northern Yemen in August that forced the organization to leave the country. The Saudis have targeted hospitals, schools, and other civilian targets in their brutal bombing campaign to destroy the Shiite Houthi rebels.

In October, the Saudis even bombed a funeral, which an analysis by Shadowproof reveals happened just weeks after the US shipped hundreds of millions of dollars in weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Among the weapons the Saudis have received from the US are the controversial CBU-105 Sensor Fuzed Weapon from Textron Systems of Wilmington, Massachusetts. The CBU-105 is a cluster bomb, which are banned by a large number of a countries for their lethality on civilians both during and after conflicts. Cluster munitions may detonate well after they are dropped, maiming and killing children and others.

Saudi Arabia received the weapons as part of one of the biggest arms deals in US history, negotiated by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton completed the historic arms deal despite telling John Podesta in a private email that she knew Saudi Arabia was financing and arming ISIS.

The Saudis appeared quite appreciative of Clinton’s work and even made millions of dollars worth of donations to Hillary Clinton’s favorite charity, the Clinton Foundation.

So, yes, no one is going to take the US condemnations of Saudi war crimes in Yemen seriously when the US is knowingly supplying the weapons used to commit them. Ambassador Power can point her blood-soaked finger at herself.

H/t reader squodgy:

But the real issue is this…the ordinary people of the US are definitely NOT behind these atrocities, are ignorant of them and have been lied to by successive Governments.

Yes there are still some dumbfucks who are permanently in the matrix, but so many are waking up, the PTB are worried….and that is where it can all go tits up.”

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1 thought on “US Condemnation Of Yemen Slaughter Backfires As World Blames US”

  1. An interesting twist here, in that this brave victim of US aggression in Yemen, who is simply asking that the US publicly apologise for the reckless massacre of a group including two family members who had hitherto criticised Al Quieda, isn’t even being acknowledged by the cruel USofA President.
    It really is no surprise that these simple folk eventually turn againt America & Americans is it? And the Americans refuse to take their blinkers off, while moaning they don’t understand why people hate them.
    Now he has support from former US military drone operators.
    Now that IS irony.

    How strange is all that?


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