Brace Yourself! What Will Happen in the Next 2 Weeks and Beyond

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Brace Yourself! What Will Happen in the Next 2 Weeks and Beyond:

A friend of mine asked me to let him know what I thought was going to happen in the near future regarding the political situation and global turmoil. Here is my answer:

The stage is set for the possibility of one of several things happening. There are a lot of factors we are not privy to that would influence the outcome. So there is no way to accurately guess what will happen. It is certain that many of the things that have been revealed has caused the players to alter their plans. Once they are exposed to a degree, they figure that going ahead with a particular scheme(false flag or fake event) would no longer be a surprise and wouldn’t have the same affect.

I will describe each scenario and give an idea what is possible. There is not likely going to be any race riots to stop the election, or afterwards either. That has proven to have limited success. 

I read an article recently that Russia may take out North Korea. That would take away Obama’s wild card. China would also help Russia in this and stabilize that area. We will see if that happens or not. Unless there is some kind of new provocation by North Korea I don’t see that happening right now.

The nation has been awakened to the crimes of Obama and the Clintons. Even if Hillary wins she will be severely wounded and court cases and investigations will take place to hobble her presidency from the start. If the election is held, Trump should win easily. This is all well known by the experts on the inside. It is also well known that when Trump wins Hillary will be charged with multiple counts of fraud and crimes. She will have to flee the country with Bill and live out her days in Qatar or United Arab Emirates where they don’t have an extradition treaty with the US.

The truth is, a confluence of events is approaching rapidly and they only have two weeks to stop the election. Waiting until after the election and January for Obama to do something does not appear to be a good option.  It would not prevent Trump from being president and would not help the Clintons any at all. Also, a terrorist attack on one city, or two, even if it was a nuclear dirty bomb planted by terrorists, would not have the necessary affect or large enough event to justify stopping the election. It would be considered too much of a coincidence as a possible false flag and be rejected by the public en masse.

A limited confrontation in the south China sea now, after losing the control of the Philippines would not have the affect necessary to stop the election. Even if a US ship was sunk, it would not be enough to make the US citizens accept what is going on. It would be questioned by conspiracy theorists and there would be limited backing of Obama, and would not help Hillary win the election.

A banking  holiday and quick collapse of the financial system would not stop the election, but only expose Obama as a failure because it would have happened on his watch.  Even if it happened it would not help Hillary to get elected.

The major event left is some kind of a confrontation/event in the middle east, namely Syria, that could start a chain of events that could possibly affect the elections. The entire Northern Russia naval fleet will be in the Mediterranean. If one of their ships or any US ships are hit, we go into a war footing with Russia. As far as Ukraine is concerned, it is a peripheral issue and will only be a side show compared to the main event. That area will only react to what happens in the middle east.  The US is hoping for a “tit for tat” up stage of attacks where Ukraine will eventually be a domino in their favor in taking back eastern Ukraine, etc. But they are wrong, Putin will not even bother with that area at this time. He doesn’t have to.

Gauging from the response of the Europeans and the UK regarding the situation in Syria, it appears that they are hell bent on a confrontation in the middle east. The fact that recently there was a Belgian fighter jet that flew into Syria and bombed and killed some Syrians, shows the pattern of their plans and tips their hand. Belgium is the leading country where the global conspiracy originates, and it was no accident they used them as a test in Syria defenses. It may have been done just before the new defense missiles were set up by Russia. My guess is this kind of incursion will happen again, perhaps with a UK fighter jet this time. Once a jet goes down the US will go into immediate action and start taking out the Russian defense missiles with cruise missiles and conventional missiles. The use of unmanned missiles will make them(USA) feel they are handling this in a “measured and proportionate” way. But that decision would be a miscalculation. Putin will destroy EVERY source of where those missiles came from. We must understand this is not Saddam Hussien we are dealing with. Putin will not sit there and allow his forces to be picked apart for weeks like in Desert Storm 1.

Also, if one of his ships goes down, he will take out at last one US ship in relaliation. This puts the ball back in the US court. They have a decision to  make – if they take further aggressive moves, Putin will react even harder. If NATO or any EU nation tries anything at that time, Putin will also hit them. There is also a possibility of there being some kind of US military resistance to orders given by Obama. It would be considered foolhardy and anti-theoretical to attack the nation that is fighting against ISIS. This will mean that the orders Obama wants to make, even going to a nuke exchange will be rejected by the military. Any hesitation on our part gives Putin the advantage, and gives the American public time to think about what is going on. When I planted the seed about the declaration of repudiation of Obama before the last mid-term election, that idea has spread underground and taken root.  There are numerous calls for the military to arrest Obama right now on numerous charges. It must also be noted that there may be back channel communication between the US military and the Russians. The US commanders may be telling the Russians not to nuke the US in this conflict and that they will also refrain from nuking Russia – and will reject those orders from Obama if and when they are given.

This puts the aggressive and offensive moves back into the hands of the Europeans, and whatever they try to do – Putin will respond. The European citizens are worn out with the migrant invasion, unemployment, heavy handed EU mandates and the loss of sovereignty  – and are in the process of waking up. If they see what is happening they also may start going after their politicians. That situation will create a staring match between Putin and the aristocracy/power elite in Europe. They will know by that time they must act or lose their power anyway. They will feel they must attack Russia or in the aftermath of a failed plot against Russia will cause the collapse of the EU and their control. They have painted themselves into a corner. And at that point, without the guarantee that the US will actually destroy Russia with a nuke attack, they will then be forced to send missiles against Russia themselves. Knowing this is their option, Putin will be ready to destroy any and all missiles directed at his nation. That is when the elite in Europe must decide whether to risk what they have, or go back to the long range plans of taking over the world in the next few generations. Since there are so many variables I am not privy to, I can’t make an accurate prediction what will happen. Quite honestly it could go either way. As far as Obama, Hillary and the globalists that put them in power are concerned, the only option open to them at this time is to start a war with Russia to stop the election. If they are stupid enough to think all the US military will follow orders, they will risk an all out nuclear war.

When the globalists committed themselves to elect Hillary that was the fatal mistake. Once she was in the limelight 100% she was a target by the conservatives and the alternative media. When the Democrat party attacked Bernie Sanders and used dirty tricks, and forced the independent and Libertarian movement to accept Hillary that was also a fatal mistake. Also, the Wikileaks situation helped wake up the nation. People like Julian Assange and Snowden are crusaders for justice and the people, regardless of their poltical leanings. Hillary and their goons were then trying to put out too many fires from too many directions. Obama is also injured, even though it is not being discussed much at this time, he will also be charged in several obvious cases of fraud, treason and traitorous activities. This will also be the impetus for him to start a war with Russia. His legacy and survival after the election is then at stake. There is much known to him that we don’t know, and that weighs heavy on his mind  – in the same way a criminal would think when he is cornered, or trying to run from the police. We must understand how they think as crooks when being exposed and the possibility of being pounced on at any minute. This will be the deciding factor in what decision he makes in going to war. I would say there is a 70% chance he will try to go to war with Russia, and start the process as I laid out here. Now we have 2 weeks to see what happens. Let’s hope Obama cuts his losses, backs off and does nothing and then fades away into a post presidency and into obscurity.

I am aware of the Turkey incursion into Syria, and the possibility of them helping out in Iraq. Don’t worry about that at all. Turkey is only in Syria to get rid of the Kurds which are constantly attacking them in Turkey. Erdogan is trying to destroy their bases across the border to stop the terrorism in his nation. If Turkey helps out Iraq, they will be most welcome to join in the battle. Mosul is toast, thousands of ISIS fighters have already fled. The only ones left are the ones that will hold out to the death.

The only reason people are concerned about Turkey is because of the old Ottoman empire history and mostly because of Biblical prophecies. That motivation for worrying about Turkey is invalid. If Turkey does ONE thing wrong in either nation, Russia will stop them and destroy them, and take over Turkey in the process. The leader of Turkey had a second chance at life since the failed coup and is on board with Russia now, and Russia is fighting ISIS, so in a way Turkey is on the same side as Russia. Naturally Syria is concerned, and so is Israel, but the truth is – Turkey is not going after Syria, Iraq or Israel. They are only defending their own nation from a terrorist army.

We must keep in mind that when China sides with Russia, the US may retaliate with an embargo on Chinese goods. That will make a huge impact on things available in US stores. Regardless what happens in the election or a war starting, the economy and the financial markets will then take a dive and the long downward spiral will kick in. That means next year will be a financial mess, stores close, people laid off, auto makers stop production, banks go under, and inflation kicks in. The conspirators then will punish the world and Trump for ruining their plans to install global socialism when they wanted it to happen. They will no longer continue to prop up the system, but let it go down on its own. The great unknown is how our nation will respond to that economic collapse. In a best case scenario we may have dodged the bullet as far as a nuclear war, but we are not out of the woods yet. We will still face a financial collapse, global starvation, unrest, riots, rampant crime, terrorism, plagues and a variety of local wars and conflicts. Getting Trump elected doesn’t make all of the major problems go away, it only starts a process to take the nation the right direction. Whether it will work or not is another question. George Eaton, The Priority Report

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