Fukushima: The Extinction-Level Event That No One Is Talking About


Fukushima: The Extinction-Level Event That No One Is Talking About

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1 thought on “Fukushima: The Extinction-Level Event That No One Is Talking About”

  1. Re-visiting this ‘event’ conjures images of a future without life.
    Nobody I speak to remembers it as anything but some nuclear issue in days gone by.

    The reality is, it is a total fuck up.
    Jim Stone’s analysis is probably the most accurate of them all.
    israel did it as retribution for Japan offering to recycle Iran’s nuke waste.

    His site is constantly hacked by israel….wonder why?

    Long term, the meltdown of three cores into the bedrock and beyond is devastating all wildlife in the Pacific because irradiated cooling water is jettisoned into the ocean at 400ntonnes every day for 5 years. Nearly one million tonnes of contaminated water pumped into the Pacific since the israelis did the deed. Such lovely people.

    The salmon count is now down 40% in Alaska.

    The reproduction success rate of seals & orca along US/Canada pacific coast is NIL.

    No Humpbacks or Blues have been sighted for ages.

    The seabed off the California coast is devoid of life.

    All forms of life are starving.

    Hmmm….I wonder what is causing this.? The Rothschilds perhaps?



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