How To Make Black Walnut Tincture And Have It Last For Years (Video)

I have made black walnut tincture before and I find the way he is doing it very interesting and will definitely try it this year.

Making it yourself will safe you a lot of money.

How to take it: Hulda Clark (PDF)


How to make black walnut tincture. I added olive oil to the surface of the tincture and find that batches can last for years and remain light green with the oil barrier when stored in the refrigerator. So far, I see no one else employing the oil top barrier for preserving black walnut tincture.

Black Walnut trees can be found in the eastern US and Eastern Europe. These Black Walnuts I am using are native to California. Be sure to use gloves as this stuff stains and will also stain your counter top if not careful. Black Walnut hulls were once used as ink and hair dye.

The California Black Walnut was a food source for the local indigenous people centuries ago. They can be found all over Los Angeles. I have seen them on Cold Water Canyon Road and in the Hollywood Hills facing the valley. Many people in the Vally have them in their yards. From late March until late August, the nuts can be found on the trees. The nuts can be gathered from the ground to eat but when making the tincture, you want them almost ripe while still on the tree.

The more you expose the solution to oxygen, the more it will oxidize and become less effective. You may even want to make several separate jars full. I used Russian vodka that was 40% alcohol. It cost $8 at Trader Joe’s whereas, the ready made tincture at Whole Foods is around $12 and I ended up with nearly 20 times the amount! About 20 black walnuts were used. My opinion is that 20 pieces is a bit on the strong side. Make sure the alcohol you are using is enough to completely cover the walnut chunks that have settled at the bottom. I did not use a specified amount of vodka. The goal was to ensure the chunks remained completely submerged.

You don’t want to stir it as that draws air into the mix. Using a masher or ladle to squeeze the chunks against the bottom and help release the substance into the alcohol. When you are done the solution will be a see through yellowish green for the first 20 to 30 minutes before getting darker. The solution is ready for use in 2 hours however best if left for a few days. To preserve freshness add vitamin C powder. My batch is still very dark green. Its best to then divide the batch up into smaller bottles, using one bottle up completely before starting another. The aim here is minimal exposure to oxygen when repeatedly removing the lid and pouring for usage.

It is extremely strong when made fresh and still very green. When purchased at the store it is less green and mostly black-Brown with a hint of green.
if its not green, its not effective. You cannot over do it when made fresh or it will upset your stomach and cause you to vomit. I tend to over do it and found out the hard way. However though I gaged and heaved, I did not through up. I drank about 2 or 3 table spoons on an empty stomach. It burned going down! It was both the vodka and the freshly made solution. After it passed through my stomach I was completely fine. I continued taking it but a lesser amount. 24 hours later I felt great, fresh and focused.

Black Walnut is used in combination with Wormwood and Cloves for a parasite cleanse. Most people are unaware that it is common for mammals (that includes us Humans) to have parasites. Excessive parasites can lead to brain fog, cravings for sweet and processed foods, lethargy and some allergies. It is recommended that a parasite cleanse should be done twice a year and always before doing a liver or kidney cleanse.

Black walnut is also high in Iodine which acts like a natural anti biotic. Iodine binds to cells of bacteria and viruses causing them to cease the function of latching on to host cells. I have provided links below on uses for Juglone, the tannin chemical in Black Walnut.

It is my strong recommendation that you research anything thoroughly before trying! You may want to ask a Naturalpathic Doctor or Herbal practitioner for advise as most traditional doctors do not specialize and are not trained in the field of natural medicine, parasitic infectious diseases, extensive plant chemistry or have experience using these substances. This is not medical advise nor do I make any medical claims. This video and my written statements are an expression of my interest in the field of Natural Medicine.

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