‘I’ll Kill You!’ African ‘Refugee’ Attacks Ticket Inspector on German Train After Being Caught Fare-Dodging

‘I’ll Kill You!’ African ‘Refugee’ Attacks Ticket Inspector on German Train After Being Caught Fare-Dodging:

Video out of Germany shows an African migrant threaten to murder a ticket inspector for questioning whether he has a legitimate boarding pass.

From Face of a Dying Nation:

This amateur footage, taken by a passenger in a German train, shows an African refugee, who appears to not have a valid ticket, repeatedly shout “are you crazy?” and threaten to kill the ticket inspector for not letting him “mind his own business”. This is video is a great example of why German authorities and private public transportation companies have mostly stopped persecuting illegal immigrants for not having a valid ticket.

Back in 2015, at the height of mass illegal immigration, refugees and their attendants were granted unrestricted free travel in German trains.



Since then, because of the sheer number of them in inner cities, refugees either get sponsored with a taxpayer-funded ticket or simply choose travel without valid tickets or ID as there are virtually no consequences. As with shoplifting, they’re given a free pass on breaking the law on minor offences since these incidents are simply no longer enforceable.

Private public transportation companies decided it is simply too much trouble and bureaucracy to persecute fare-dodging passenger with fake or no valid IDs.

Ticket inspectors were instructed to avoid checking tickets on anybody that looks like a refugee for the sake of their own security. If they aren’t, they often choose not to check tickets on Middle Eastern and African males to protect their health and safety.

Hillary Clinton says Angela Merkel, who is behind the flooding of Germany with such “refugees,” is the foreign leader she most “admires.”

This is the “cultural enrichment” Hillary Clinton wants to bring to America.

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