Early winter in Romania

Early winter in Romania:

Roads in Romania already experiencing winter conditions. Blizzards in some areas

Mountain rescuers urge drivers to not travel on Transfagarasan unless they are equipped for winter – winter tires, snow chains, shovel and sand.

Traffic restricted on Transalpina because of the blizzard

Transalpina traffic on DN 67 C, between kilometers 34 and 50, is restricted because of the blizzard.

“On DN 67 C Transalpina, at kilometer 34 to kilometer 50 to Obarsia Lotrului, it’s snow, blizzards and low temperatures minus 3-4 degrees. Those without chains or winter tires and all-wheel drive can not circulate.

In Cluj County in the town Marisel it snowed incessantly on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. Residents in the mountains were surprised by the snow, which they say came far too early.

In Bistrita Nasaud and Maramures, at over 1,000 meters altitude will snowstorm and the wind will blow 70 km per hour.  Code yellow snow remains in effect until noon.

Harghita Bai snows and blizzards. A harsh windy snowstorm created problems on Transalpina. Tourists are not allowed to travel past the resort Ranca.

The asphalt is covered by a layer of frozen snow. Road workers can not intervene because their whole effort is canceled by snowstorm.

And Alba, in Sebes Mountains at 2,000 meters altitude in the town last night Sureanu snows incessantly. Snow cover in some places and measures 6 cm. Snowing heavily in the town Cavnic Targu Lapus Maramures county, and here the snow to 5 centimeters.

In Transfagarasan on Wednesday snow reached 10 centimeters thick on DN 7C. At altitudes higher than 1,700 meters, traffic is facing winter conditions.

At this point the snow interferes with snow removal equipment, says a release issued by the Director of Public Service Rescue Arges County, Ion Sanduloiu.


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