Sarkozy Wants to Force Britain to Take ‘Jungle’ Migrants


Sarkozy Wants to Force Britain to Take ‘Jungle’ Migrants:

Nicolas Sarkozy has suggested he will force Britain to open a migrant centre to process asylum claims from migrants if he is re-elected French President next year.

Speaking during a visit to the town of Calais – which has become notorious as the site of the so-called ‘Jungle’ migrant camp – the former president said he would scrap the Le Touquet treaty that lets Britain station border officials in Calais, and force the UK to open a centre on the English side of the Channel.

“We should not act as customs officers for the English,” Mr Sarkozy said.

The Times reports that his visit came amid renewed clashes between migrants and riot police as around 300 migrants tried to block a road. Police responded by firing tear gas, with the migrants responding by throwing rocks. One officer was injured and a migrant was arrested.

Police later said the migrants may have been egged on by open borders activists who alerted them to Mr Sarkozy’s presence.

The former president also witness police discovering around a dozen migrants hiding in the back of a truck before simply letting them go, prompting him to comment: “It’s stupefying. They are not even taking their identities. What a lack of authority. What abdication.”

Britain is already paying around £2 million to build a 13ft wall along both sides of the main road into Calais.

It is hoped the wall will stop migrants from the ‘Jungle’ camp attacking traffic as it approaches the port. The migrants have blocked the road, thrown stick and stones at cars and trucks and tried to force vehicles off the road in order to stow away into Britain.

Jean-Marc Puissesseau, chief executive of the Calais port, said: “This wall is going to prevent migrants from getting onto the road every night.”

“We can no longer continue to put up with these repeated assaults,” he added.

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