Deconstructing Samantha Power’s Big Lies on US Massacring Syrian Forces

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“One doesn’t normally use the word “DESPICABLE’ casually.”


Deconstructing Samantha Power’s Big Lies on US Massacring Syrian Forces:

She’s Obama’s neocon UN envoy, a despicable character, complicit in his high crimes by outrageously supporting them.

Edward Herman once called her a member of “the cruise missile left.” She glorifies US-sponsored genocides outrageously called humanitarian interventions, ignoring or shamelessly justifying Washington’s sordid record of repeated supreme crimes against peace.

She disgraces the office she holds, part of Obama’s permanent war criminal cabal. Her notion of responsibility to protect is mass slaughter and destruction to advance America’s imperium.

Responding to Russia’s calling an emergency Saturday Security Council session to address US naked aggression against Syrian forces earlier in the day, flagrantly breaching Geneva ceasefire terms, she shamelessly changed the subject, turned truth on its head, bashed Russia’s “uniquely hypocritical and cynical” attempt to make her explain her government’s lawless aggression.

“Why are we having this meeting tonight,” she asked? “It is a diversion from what is happening on the ground. If you don’t like what is happening on the ground then you distract.”

“It is a magician’s trick…(W)e encourage the Russian Federation to have emergency meetings with the Assad regime and deliver them to this deal.”

“What Russia is alleging tonight is that somehow the United States is undermining the fighting against ISIL. The Russian spokesperson even said that the United States might be complicit in this attack.”

Truth about Obama’s war, its support for ISIS and virtually all other terrorists groups operating regionally and elsewhere is too much reality for her or other rogue US officials to admit publicly.

Playing the blame game instead, she disgracefully holds Assad and his democratic government responsible for Obama’s genocidal war – typical US arrogance and hubris.

“We are investigating (Saturday’s US terror-bombing) incident,” she ranted. When America investigates its own high crimes, whitewash follows every time.

Neocons infesting Washington don’t “regret the loss of life,” as Power claimed. They mass slaughter defenseless victims over and over again endlessly, civilians considered legitimate targets.

Power’s remarks were more despicable than usual, calling Russia’s legitimately convened Security Council session on Saturday “a stunt with moralism and grandstanding…uniquely cynical and hypocritical.”

She lied accusing Assad of “intentionally striking civilian targets with horrifying, predictable regularity.”

She lied saying Syria “prevent(s) life-saving humanitarian aid from reaching people” in need.

She lied claiming Syrian forces steal humanitarian aid for themselves.

She lied accusing its military of double-tapping civilian targets (striking the same ones twice to target rescue personnel rushing to the scene to aid victims of the first strike).

She lied claiming Syria used chemical weapons against its own people.

She lied saying Syria “tortured tens of thousands of people in its prisons, which now double as torture chambers.”

She lied about what she called Syria’s “worst practices: hitting hospitals, hitting refugee camps, hitting markets without a single public expression of remorse” – these and other civilian sites routine US targets in all its wars of aggression.

She lied accusing Syria of numerous other atrocities, calling them “some of the most systematic (ones) that we have seen in a generation.”

She lied claiming America doesn’t support ISIS or other terrorist groups – imported death squads it created and uses as imperial foot soldiers.

She lied saying Saturday’s US willful, malicious and lawless terror-bombing of Syrian military personnel was done “in error.”

There was nothing accidental about it, a flagrant breach of Geneva terms, a high crime of war, more proof America reviles peace and stability.

Power sounded buffoon-like claiming “(t)he United States is extremely serious about making (Geneva) work.” It was dead-on-arrival because Washington rejects cessation of hostilities and diplomatic conflict resolution.

Power is paid to lie for Washington’s criminal cabal in charge. Her despicable remarks show she does it with relish.

US Helping Terrorists Regroup, a Flagrant Geneva Breach

According to Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov, ISIS and other (US-supported) terrorists “are using the ceasefire to lick wounds, recuperate and prepare for the resumption of combat operations.”

They’re “pulling manpower and weapons in the areas they control, both during the day and at night” – taking advantage of government forces fully complying with Geneva.

Since implemented, it’s “clear that the US side” repeatedly violated its terms, terrorists it supports breaching it multiple times daily – Geneva a monument of US contempt for diplomatic conflict resolution.

Vladimir Putin commented on why Washington wants its terms kept secret, despite Russia wanting them affirmed by Security Council resolution, blocked by America, saying:

“The only reason why they apparently don’t want to make (its terms) public is because the international community, as well as American and Russian public will immediately find out who is not abiding by the deal.”

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement said Saturday’s massacre of Syrian forces reflects America’s “criminal negligence and connivance with Islamic State terrorists.” Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the “White House is defending ISIS.”

General Konashenkov noted “the complete absence of any kind of US influence” on observing and enforcing Geneva terms.

Syria’s UN envoy Bashar al Jaafari minced no words, saying “(t)he objective of this US aggression is to bring about the failure of the truce agreed to between Russia and the United States.”

Saturday’s terror-bombing incident is clear “evidence of support by the United States and its allies for Daesh and other armed terrorist groups.”

Claiming the attack was accidental was a despicable perversion of truth, Jaafari adding “US aggression must be dealt with immediately to avoid the spread of fighting in the region and put a stop to American hypocrisy and lies.”

Since Geneva’s implementation on September 12, fighting intensified, US-supported terrorists entirely responsible – in the last 24 hours alone committing 50 violations.

Assad’s political and media advisor Bouthaina Shaaban called Saturday’s massacre of Syrian forces not “an error.” It was “pre-planned.”

“Since the beginning of the US intervention (in September 2014), we said that it was not against ISIS and the proof is that ISIS has expanded” since that time.

Minutes after Saturday’s massacre of Syrian forces, Fars News reported “a military source” saying ISIS terrorists targeted Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzur, showing air and ground attacks were coordinated.

Russian warplanes intervened, bombing ISIS positions, letting Syrian forces retake al-Thardah mountain – a strategic area overlooking Deir Ezzur airport.

Geneva accomplished nothing, a waste of time and energy. Conflict rages intensively – prospects for ceasefire and conflict resolution nil because Washington rejects them.

Why does Russia persist in going along with the charade? What does it hope to accomplish knowing its best efforts are futile?

Why do its officials continue forthright outreach with a treacherous adversary – rogue state America bent on toppling its government, unchallenged global dominance its ultimate aim?

Why do they maintain hope for normalized relations with Washington when lunatic neocons running things perhaps intend nuclear war to achieve their objectives?

Moscow should cease wasting time negotiating with America over Syria or other major geopolitical issues when clear evidence shows futility every time.

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