Dumb Thief Gets Knocked Out By Bouncing Brick

Dumb Thief Gets Knocked Out By Bouncing Brick:

Chalk it up to a thief missing a few marbles, or a car with extra-strong windows.

A thief in Ireland thought an empty parked car would make an excellent target, so he had the bright idea of throwing a brick through the window. But the brick had other ideas. bouncing back and knocking him out. Patrons at a nearby pub came out to investigate when they heard some noise, and they found the guy lying in his own pool of blood. When he came to, the would-be thief tried to blame the patrons, saying they attacked him. Luckily, the surveillance tape said something completely different and everyone had a good chuckle while the almost-thief got carted off to the slammer. Imagine trying to explain that a car attacked you…

H/t reader squodgy:


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