Four Surprising Things an Ex–Child Slave Wants You to Know About Modern Slavery

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“We in the West have the manpower resources to sort this, but sadly the PTB see fit to divert these resources and manpower to stupid causes they have created as diversions like the Wars on Terror & Drugs, both of which produce big money for Government, Secret Service & the Military Contractors. Crass hypocrisy & manipulation of the truth.
And of course we mustn’t forget the rampant paedophilia/child abuse market at Government levels.”

Four Surprising Things an Ex–Child Slave Wants You to Know About Modern Slavery:

Most of us think that slavery is a thing of the past. But the truth is, the slavery in the past has metamorphosed into something else, which we come across every day.

Children are particularly vulnerable to this modern day slavery. Children who are unfortunate to have a difficult background such as parental neglect, family poverty, broken homes etc are lured by the unscrupulous into exploitation.

The United Nations, together with several nonprofit organizations, have teamed up in order to curb the inhumane practice.


A former child slave, Rani Hong who was kidnapped at the age of seven in India and sold into the slave trade, has now become one of the leading personalities to work closely with the United Nations, to end the practice. Hong founded The Tronie Foundation, a trafficking awareness organization that works with the United Nations General Assembly, advising countries across the globe on how to better defend against modern slavery.

Currently, Hong and her colleagues are organizing a fundraising campaign, hoping to raise more than $1 million to help fight against child trafficking.

But before the group started their fundraising campaign, Hong told TakePart in an interview that there are four things everybody should know about child trafficking, especially those in the United States. This is simply because many of the children, especially girls, are trafficked from poor countries to rich countries. The United States serves as a perfect destination for traffickers in the Americas.

According to Hong, anyone can be a victim of the practice. Although we said victims of the practice are mostly from poor countries, Hong believes even children in rich countries can fall victims to trafficking, hence the need for a collective effort to end the practice. Hong says she has witnessed many incidents in which children in the United States have become victims of trafficking.  She reveals children of all races are lured into prostitution, with the average age of these children being as low as 13.

“They’re dreaming for their future, they’re looking for their next opportunity, and a trafficker comes in and promises them,…’I’ll give you a modeling job, or you can come work in my nail salon,‘ ” Hong says.

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