The Rothschild Family

You can’t just copy and paste an entire article like that.

You would have to download every image and upload it to your website (like I do), which is a lot of work.

Otherwise the images will get lost, if the article and the content is getting removed.



I don’t really call myself a truther but I suppose that is what I am, I do not trust the government and media and therefore I look elsewhere for information, sometimes I look on YouTube or most the time bloggers, media and obviously Wikipedia, I am not saying everything on Wikipedia is true but it is a good place to start. I love Wikipedia but some articles are mad, like the other day when I was reading about the Rothchild family. The article tells us that the Rothchild family own banks all over the world and shows us pictures of at least 20 huge mansions that they own all over the world, the article even tells us that some of mansions shown are not the only mansions that they own in the cities that are shown in the article. After the article tells us about this families long history of obscene wealth and greed, the article finishes off with this; Many conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family have been identified as a result of anti-Semitic prejudice reaching back several hundred years, including the era of the Napoleonic wars, and not as a result of valid evidence.

So according to Wikipedia conspiracy theories about the Rothchild family have been identified as being anti-Semitic? The article fails to tell us who identified conspiracy theories about the Rothchild family as anti-Semitc but apparently it as been anti-Semitc since the Napoleonic wars. I am glad Wikipedia cleared that up for me, here I am calling myself a truther when actually I have already been identified as an anti-Semitic, ignorant, racist prick. Well if that is the case I best STFU and stop posting this racist shit. BELOW IS THE WHOLE ARTICLE I decided to copy and paste just in case it gets changed.

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