Bosnia: Reporter who mocked burka goes into hiding after Muslims offer bounty for her murder

Bosnia: Reporter who mocked burka goes into hiding after Muslims offer bounty for her murder:

Mocking the burka: an insult to Islam. Rape and murder threats against those who mock the burka: A-OK.


“Bosnian Reporter Threatened for Criticising Burka,” by Maja Garaca Djurdjevic, Balkan Insight, August 30, 2016:

After reporter Lejla Colak compared the wearing of the burka and niqab with the public display of sex toys, she received threats of murder and rape.

Bosnian journalist Lejla Colak told BIRN on Monday that she had received a series of threats of violence after criticising Islamic garments like the burka and niqab in a post she wrote on Facebook.

In her post on August 26, Colak, an atheist, compared wearing such garments in public to wearing a “strap-on dildo in the streets”.

“Religion should be intimate, just like sexuality. Keep it to yourself and the like-minded. Do not impose it on others,” Colak wrote.

After local Islamic news portal published criticism of her post, Colak began receiving threats via Facebook Messenger and in the comments section of the post.

“Are there any volunteers to rape lovely Lejla? … I will personally pay for it???” wrote one man, whose online profile says that he is a member of the Bosnian Army.

Two female social media users called for Colak to be run over by a car, soaked in petrol and burned.

Colak said she was prepared for negative comments and insults but did not foresee the threats she would receive.

“I am not afraid to express my views. I used an analogy awkwardly. I could have constructed it better. But I could not have assumed that it would lead to this,” the Sarajevo-based reporter told BIRN.

Since her initial post, she has apologised on Facebook for causing offence by mentioning a sex toy in connection with religion.

“I can apologise for the form but not for the content. Yes, religion (all of them) should be a private matter, yes, everything I have said I mean. Forgive me only for that piece of plastic with which I have hurt the feelings of the public,” she wrote….

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1 thought on “Bosnia: Reporter who mocked burka goes into hiding after Muslims offer bounty for her murder”

  1. Not that the NATO run US Military need real excuses to disrupt/destroy/invade/manipulate sovereign nations, but some may recall the former Yugoslavia, broken up after Tito’s death and collapse of USSR, into roughly seven smaller countries in their own right.

    The largest, Serbia was being challenged by invading Muslims from Albania wanting to claim their own new State in Serbia. This wasn’t acceptable to the proud Serbians, who understandably fought against it.

    World Politicians took the side of the Muslims and attacked Serbia leading, as usual to the big mess normally associated with American intervention.

    It doesn’t take much yhought processing to see the similarity here with the Soros engineered and funded immigration of Muslim “Refugees” and “Terrorists/Rebels” into EU Countries with similar pride of population.

    So it is reasonable to expect the stupid American Military will be used against the native people of proud European Countries to force the immigrant dilution and destruction of tradition upon them.

    Twenty years after the American fuck up, the Serbs in the now predominantly Muslim enclave of Bosnia (formerly part of Serbia, (taken from the Serbs forcibly by the illustrious UN)) are holding a referendum over a formerly Serbian State National Holiday Celebration which the UN run “Courts” have banned because it discriminates against “Non Serbs in Serbia”.

    Doh! You can’t make this up.Another powder keg getting warm again, but at least the Military Industrial Complex & the Jackals will be rubbing their hands.


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