“This is how world wars inadvertently start. Maybe that’s America’s endgame. They’re certainly insane enough.”

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2 thoughts on ““This is how world wars inadvertently start. Maybe that’s America’s endgame. They’re certainly insane enough.””

  1. Well, at least this time the U.S. aren’t hiding behind the promise of trying to sort ISIS out.

    After it was made public that U.S & U.K secret services trained & armed ISIS whilst Saudi funded it, the whole thing lost credibility.

    Last week the U.S., under the guise of NATO authorised Peroschenko of Ukraine to move his armies towards the Crimean Peninsular at the bottom of the Donetsk area of Ukraine which is the pro Russian Industrial & Mining centre.

    We already know that the jew neocons in US have invested well over $5Bn destabilizing Ukraine as part of the plan to get Russia & Iran.

    This week Chancellor Merkel of Germany, & the leader of the Czech Republic both advised their citizens to store food, water & cash for up to 10 days in preparation for disaster event.Now they are muttering about conscription again.

    Putin has successfully de-fused at least three attempts by U.S. to start a war(Syria, MH17 crash, Ukraine), but this time, the pincer of Ukraine on the South and Syria on the East simultaneously, he is definitely under threat.

    Remember, when Gorbachev was told to knock the wall down and ‘release’ the satellite States, all he asked for was a promise that NATO wouldn’t install missiles on the new Russian border. NATO promised, but have broken that promise systematically in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia,and Ukraine (even though it is not yet fully a NATO member).

    The need for war is now clear, as economies are collapsing under a mountain of unpayable debt. A reset is essential, and war is the perfect smokescreen to usher in what the banksters (Soros, Rothschilds, Brzinski, Kissinger etc) who have created this mess, call a one world cashless digital currency.



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