Graphic Body Cam Shows Cops Needlessly Kill Man for Holding a Hammer — He Never Advanced

Graphic Body Cam Shows Cops Needlessly Kill Man for Holding a Hammer — He Never Advanced:

Tahlequah, OK — Graphic body cam footage was released this week showing officers needlessly escalate to deadly force as they surrounded a man who was holding up a hammer. One of the officers effectively deployed his taser to stop the man, however, it was futile as two other cops put three bullets each into him.

The victim was 49-year-old Dominic Rollice of Park Hill who was drunk and in the house where he used to live. He was in the garage when his ex-wife called the police to have him removed.

“He’s drunk, and it’s gonna get ugly real quick,” the woman could be heard telling a 911 dispatcher.

The dispatcher warned the woman that if officers come out, they will have to take him in for public intoxication.

“In fact, he’s a registered sex offender,” the woman said. “He lives in Park Hill. He’s got tools in the garage, but he doesn’t live here.”

As police responded, they quickly backed Rollice into a corner at which time he grabbed a hammer in a seemingly reactionary move. Seconds later he’d be dead — in spite of not advancing toward the officers.

“I’m in my house; I’m doing nothing wrong,” Rollice said. It is unclear as to whether Rollice had a legal right to be in the house. However, this did not matter to police.

The three officers who responded were Lt. Brandon Vick, Officer Josh Girdner, and Officer Chase Reed.

“I’m going less lethal,” says Reed.

As Reed fired his taser, causing Rollice to go down, Vick and Girdner both opened fire.

“Hold your hands up! Get on the ground!” the officers yell at a man who was just shot six times. Rollice responds by grunting and then collapsing backward.

“Dominic, you gotta stay with me. Stay with me,” Reed, the only cop in the room who was interested in preserving life, says to Rollice while the other officers secure the scene. “EMS is on the way, OK? Stay with me.”

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