French Rabbi Stabbed By Muslim Assailant, Screaming “Allah Akbar”


French Rabbi Stabbed By Muslim Assailant, Screaming “Allah Akbar”:

In the latest knife attack in Europe, earlier this morning ago a Jewish man, described as a Rabbi, was stabbed by a Muslim attacker in the French city of Strasbourg, according to local media sources. He is has been taken to hospital and is in a stable condition, while the perpetrator has been arrested and is being questioned by police.

The victim, who has been named as Mr. Levy, is reported by a colleague to be a rabbi. He was stabbed by a man who shouted “Allah Akhbar”, according to the 20minutes news platform.

According to RT, the attack took place at around 11:00am local time (09:00 GMT). Mr. Levi, who has been described as an Orthodox Jew, was sitting at a café on the sidewalk, reports Le Parisien.

“I just spoke to Mr. Levy, who was the victim of a knife attack and is condition is stable,” said Mendel Samama, who is rabbi based in Strasbourg, Le Soir reported. “We pray that he makes a quick recovery.” Reports say he suffered superficial stab wounds to the chest.

The perpetrator was detained by police and taken into custody for questioning. Witnesses say that the attacker was between 30 and 40 years old. According to the Journal du Dimanche publication, the attacker had a history of psychiatric problems. So far, the prosecutor has only confirmed that a man has been arrested, without releasing further details regarding the case.

As RT notes, Strasbourg has one of the largest Jewish populations in France, with around 15,000 members of the faith living in the city, which sits on the German border. In total, Jews make up about 5 percent of the city’s population. This attack comes after two men who pledged allegiance to ISIS slit the throat of a Catholic priest in a church near Rouen in July. An elderly parishioner was also injured in the attack. Both assailants were killed by French police as they tried to flee the 17th century church in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.

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