Poll Shows Millennials Waking Up to 2-Party Paradigm — Scoff at Clinton AND Trump

Poll Shows Millennials Waking Up to 2-Party Paradigm — Scoff at Clinton AND Trump:

America’s Millennials are fed up with the duopoly establishment’s politics-as-usual narrative — in fact, just 28 percent of the 18-30 set would be willing to agree the “two major parties do a good job of representing the American people.”

This year’s presidential dog and pony show masquerading as a legitimate election continues to raise the nation’s eyebrows, as the duopoly’s nominees — incidentally, longtime friends — apparently compete to not only tear each other’s character to shreds but to test the limits of Americans’ tolerance.

Donald Trump seems to toe the line of insanity daily with increasingly inflammatory displays of bigotry and outright nonsensical propositions like the whole-scale abandonment of constitutional protections for journalists and construction of an (utterly useless) border wall at Mexico’s expense.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, literally conspired her way to win the Democratic nomination through direct manipulation of her mainstream media presstitutes and to the ire of Bernie Sanders’ supporters — all while managing an escape from prosecution for, well, any number of potential crimes in a manner Houdini couldn’t have managed.

Sanders — despite the flagrant betrayal of the party he sought to represent — wimpishly capitulated to Clinton through an endorsement nailing the coffin lid on his own betrayal of the political revolution he once so avidly promoted.

No wonder Millennials have had enough of this farce.

According to a recent poll by GenForward, more than two-thirds of these now-disillusioned young people — including huge percentages of Hispanics, blacks, and Asian-Americans — say the Republican Party does not care about them.

Those minorities feel the same about the Democratic Party, though overall more Millennials, 53 percent, believe that party cares about them.

In past elections — and arguably what led the country to this dilemma of nominating the two least popular candidates in the history of modern polling — minor dislike of a nominee wouldn’t prevent voters from lining up along party lines in the national vote.

This year, however, that default tacit acceptance — long relied on by both parties — isn’t likely to occur.

Three-quarters of young people polled didn’t think Trump should be allowed anywhere near the White House, as he lacks appropriate qualifications for the job; half feel the same way about hawkish Hillary.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Too late I fear. The whole populace has been brainwashed with big money marketing since the fifties. The hidden hand of zionist judaism controls all.”

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