Surprise Snow Kills Goats In Argentina

Surprise snow kills goats in Argentina:

Buried alive.

The snowstorm that hit the plateau of Chubut brings devastating consequences for small goat producers, especially those who were surprised by the snow and unable to collect their animals.

That is evident as residents of the area Talagapa, an area located 100 km (60 miles) north of Gan Gan, where the snow was piling up and winds generated white walls that buried the animals.

On the plateau after the storm, producers riding through the fields found a significant number of dead animals, especially goats.

One producer “found 67 dead animals in one of the aviaries” of snow, and even more may be found on different parts of the mountains where usually are the goats herds.

The village head expressed particular concern about the impact this could have on production and economy for small producers. dores_de_la_meseta_en_problemas_por_nevadas 56F773D3D.jpg

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