The Hot New Thing Among Billionaires: “Panic Rooms”

The Hot New Thing Among Billionaires: “Panic Rooms”:

Having built their doomsday bunker for when the big one hits, it appears the billionaire-class is growing more fearful of the rising populist backlash against their ‘hard-earned’ success. Seemingly ripped from the script of the latest ‘Purge’ movie, NYPost reports, the hottest new trend for the .01 percent? Luxury safe rooms, darling.

The Hot New Thing Among Billionaires Panic Rooms

Despite their sponsorship of Hillary (and anything not-Trump), billionaires are worried enough about their personal safety that they are outfitting their abodes with ultra-luxe safe spaces that cost up to half a million dollars.

Town & Country notes that as fear escalates worldwide, foreign royals, cautious executives, and Gwyneth Paltrow are among those looking for spots to ride out anything from an ISIS attack to a natural disaster.

Secure design has come? a long way since hedge fund titan Bruce Kovner outfitted his historic Manhattan townhouse with a lead-lined room, built to protect him from a dirty bomb, in 2002. These days safe rooms are more five-star retreat than cinder block fallout shelter. “They may want a facility that’s nuclear-proof, but they also want it to look like a Ritz-Carlton,” says Lana Corbi, who, with her husband Al, runs the security firm Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments.

“In the high-end residential market, they don’t expect to see a Jodie Foster–style safe room,” he says.


Instead, a bedroom is outfitted with bulletproof windows, ballistic fiberglass to secure doors against explosions, an air filtration unit to protect against a gas attack, and a panic button, all of which creates an area that’s as impenetrable as a traditional safe room but considerably more comfortable.

The Hot New Thing Among Billionaires Panic Rooms-2

Worse still, the elites are now bragging of their survivalist tendencies…

“It becomes a competition at dinner parties,” says Jill Kargman, writer and star of TV’s Odd Mom Out and an Upper East Side native.

“Who has what state-of-the-art hazmat suits, and kits where you can drink your own pee, etcetera. When I saw Showtime’s show ‘Billions’, I died laughing that they had millions in bearer bonds just as go money,” she adds, referring to funds set aside for quick and possibly permanent evacuation.

“People love to say how much ‘go money’ they have.”

We have one quick question though – if everything is so awesome in the world, as Hillbama proclaim, why are her moneymen worried enough to be stacking bearer bonds and building panic rooms? Better safe than sorry, we presume… but do as you’re told ‘Everyday American’ – spend without fear.

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