New Twist in Global Warming Madness: Olympic Records Won’t Come Easy

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New Twist in Global Warming Madness: Olympic Records Won’t Come Easy:

Bloomberg writer Jessica Shankleman is willing to push global warming silliness up another notch with “politically correct” nonsense that Olympic Records Won’t Come Easy in Rio Because of Climate Change.

Athletes at the Olympic Games may struggle to break world records as they compete with Brazil’s rising temperatures caused by climate change.

Marathon runners, swimmers, volleyball players and even soccer referees will succumb to extreme heat and lose concentration during the games, in some cases risking their lives to heatstroke, according to a report released Monday by Observatorio do Clima, a Brazilian civil society group.

“Because of warming, sport will never be the same again,” the report said. Brazil heated up faster than the global average, warming 1 degrees Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) in the last 54 years, and four cities smashed new heat records in 2015, according to the report. If countries don’t deliver on goals to limit global temperature rises to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius, 12 Brazilian cities may have to limit play in similar games by the end of the decade, it said.

Even though the games are taking place during Brazil’s winter, the heat may still impede performance, particularly in the marathon where Olympic records have only been broken in temperatures below 12 degrees Celsius. Runners perform best between 8 degrees and 11 degrees, well below the level expected this month in Brazil, it said.

The heat is likely to be particularly painful for athletes from colder climates, says Brazilian tennis player Fernando Meligeni. He reckons European players won’t be used to the humidity, which will make them sweat more than usual.

Math Lesson for Jessica

The alleged ideal temperate range is 8-11. That’s a range of four degrees.

The stated assumption is that global warming pushed up temperatures by 1 degree in Brazil, faster than average.

This process took 54 years (assuming of course it happened, and global warming is to blame).

If the range 8-11 is “well below” expected temperatures, the problem (assuming there is a problem) isn’t global warming, it’s picking the summer Olympics in a place too likely to be too hot and too humid.

The article shows the ridiculous lengths writers and editors are willing to go to promote their social agendas.

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1 thought on “New Twist in Global Warming Madness: Olympic Records Won’t Come Easy”

  1. Climate change has been a constant reality of this planet since it has existed. The politicization of it however, is just another globalist weapon to undermine the drivers of our world economy. Namely petroleum. They have finally perhaps found a way to convince the world population to shoot itself in the foot willingly. The earth climate has always heated and cooled. In fact it seems to be rather regular occurring in 100,000 year cycles. Take a guess where we now are in that cycle. Yep, at the peak of the current warming period. This causes the oceans to emit billions of tons of carbon dioxide, naturally as has always been the case.

    You never hear this mentioned or the fact that energy from the sun in correlation to the way the earth orbits and even the wobble of its axis during this orbit; are the main drivers of climate change. Nope nothing but fear tactics aimed at humans being the cause of this natural phenomena. Me thinks they do protest too much.

    We will continue to warm until we reach the temps of 100,000 years ago when wedding exist. Then we will begin the next ice age which will be the real killer of our tropical species. Unless of course we choose to shoot ourselves in the proverbial foot first. We really do seem to be our worst enemy.


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