Europe migrant crisis: Cologne rape victim says she had abortion

Europe migrant crisis: Cologne rape victim says she had abortion:

A young woman raped in Cologne by members of a mob on New Year’s Eve had an abortion after discovering she was pregnant, it has been revealed.

The 18-year-old, whose identity was protected, did not make a complaint to police out of shame, a women’s group told an inquiry into the attacks.

Hundreds of sexual assaults and robberies were carried out that night, mainly by men of north African or Middle Eastern appearance. German MPs agreed this month to toughen rape laws by removing a requirement for the victim to prove that they had physically resisted – a clause blamed for deterring many from coming forward.

The woman said that she was raped at Cologne train station, where many of the attacks took place. An official report identified 1218 crime victims in the city, including 626 who suffered some kind of sexual assault.

Her case was revealed at an investigative committee by the Cologne Lobby for Young Women, which works with the victims and said that it knew of two alleged rapes. The woman did not know for certain that her pregnancy was a result of the rape but had an abortion because she was unsure, the group said.

The national statistics office said that a record 2.1 million people migrated to Germany last year, up 672,000 on 2014. Just under one million people left the country, most of whom held foreign passports. The majority of those arriving were foreigners – 94 per cent – rather than Germans moving back.

The statistics agency said that the arrival of more than a million asylum seekers had made 2015 a record year, but that 45 per cent of migrants had come from within the EU.

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