New Zealand skiers and snowboarders frothing with joy

New Zealand skiers and snowboarders frothing with joy:

“After last year’s epic ‘record-breaking’ snowfalls, looks like Nature’s out to better herself yet again!” says reader. “All of us New Zealand snowboarders – and skiers – are frothing with joy.”

“Places on the North Island’s east coast, which rarely get snow, are now digging themselves out of 1+ metre snowdrifts. And just when the media were talking-up summer’s arrival . . . d’oh!”

MetService said the weather was so bad it had not been able to measure the snow’s exact depth, but estimated at least 70 cm (28 inches), with snowdrifts of more than 1m (39 inches) in places.

The heavy snow knocked out power to 40,000 properties.

Snow down to 400 meters in places is expected for southern Gisborne from tonight.

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