Fury as women are BANNED from ‘men-only’ sessions at Luton’s taxpayer-funded Olympic swimming pool ‘for cultural reasons’ and segregated in smaller community baths

Fury as women are BANNED from ‘men-only’ sessions at Luton’s taxpayer-funded Olympic swimming pool ‘for cultural reasons’ and segregated in smaller community baths:

A taxpayer-funded community swimming pool has sparked outrage by hosting men and women-only sessions for alleged ‘cultural reasons’.

The gender-segregated time slots came into place on July 29 and give men exclusive access to the larger 160ft, eight-lane competition pool at the Inspire Sports Village.

During these periods, women will be relegated to the smaller 65ft community pool at the sports facility in Stopsley, Luton.

One outraged female swimmer, who did not wish to be named, said: ‘The Friday night session for everyone is now closed because of the listed men-only sessions.’

‘I have asked a team leader about it – as there are no managers at the weekend – and he said it was a “cultural thing”.

‘Why has one section of the community in Luton been allowed to dominate and take over the best pool in the borough?

‘I like swimming in the competition pool after a hard week at work on Fridays and now I can’t without any discussion and very little advanced notice.’

The gender-segregated sessions are being advertised as ‘Alhamdulliah swimming’ on Facebook, a Muslim phrase which thanks God for his blessings.

Posters promoting the event, which were implemented last Friday, strictly ask that ‘navel to knee must be covered’.

The 2011 census showed a quarter of Luton’s 196,173 population (a 2010 mid-year estimate) is Muslim, up 25 per cent on 2001.

It also reveals that Islam is the second largest religion in the town – with some 49,991 people practising.

The poster states ‘The Strong Believers presents Men’s Swimming’ from 8.30pm until 9.30pm where ‘kids, adults beginners and pro’s all welcome’.

Classes cost £3.50 for adults where men have access to the lanes and £2.50 for children who have access to the shallow area of the pool.

The women’s sessions take place later in the evening and are more expensive, starting at 9pm through to 10pm and cost £3.80 for adults, and £2.60 for children.

But women not wanting to use the community pool are reportedly being told to use other nearby swimming pools – Lea Manor or Lewsey Pools.

Swimming is not the only gender-segregated activity advertised at the leisure centre, which cost £26million to build.

According to the Active Luton website, women can take part in other, non-specified activities by joining its ‘fantastic Me Time programme’.

Another swimmer, who also wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘Someone at Active Luton is behaving in an incompetent and provocative way by banning women from the best pool.

‘They should be sacked, and a suitable arrangement should be found which gives everybody access to the best facilities, which they have paid for through their taxes.’

MailOnline asked Active Luton what the ‘cultural reasons’ were for the decision and whether the town’s large Muslim population had anything to do with it.

A spokesman replied: ‘We regularly provide opportunities for different groups in our programme, including many different activities and swimming sessions.

‘Active Luton aims to provide everyone in our community, regardless of age, ability or ethnicity, with affordable and accessible opportunities to get active in ways which suit their wide-ranging needs and lifestyles.’

Mailonline also asked whether the gender-segregated sessions had been requested, and by whom. Active Luton said it would get back with a response.

The Inspire Luton Sports Village was opened to the public in August 2012 and as well as the two pools features a sports hall, cafe and gym.

The leisure centre cost the taxpayer £26million and was funded from income received by the council from Luton Airport.

It took nearly two years to complete after it was delayed by five weeks when three sub-contractors went into administration.

On its website the centre is described as a ‘world class, state of the art multi-sports facility which was designed for use by the whole community, as well as by talented and elite athletes.’

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H/t reader squodgy:

“Britain, since WWll when, because of a decimated workforce lost to the cause of the Rothschilds, was forced to import cheap labour from all sections of the former EMPIRE, the largest contingent of which was Pakistan, followed by India, Jamaica andThe African Colonies,

Now we enjoy the fruits of our banksters greed. The GHETTO.”

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