Man PROVES software stole votes in ALL ‘Hillary won’ counties (Video)


Elliot Crown was one of a few citizens allowed to speak and used his time to point out PROOF of possible voter fraud considering ALL NYC counties Hillary won were with THIS special black box…

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1 thought on “Man PROVES software stole votes in ALL ‘Hillary won’ counties (Video)

  1. If the system is so open to fraud, like the man says, there is no future in it or even in America. But we know that already, which is why the whole thing will be a circus resulting in polarisation by media manipulation and civil disruption.

    I concur that there is every probability the civil disobedience will be hotted up to enable Barrie to cancel the election and continue in office, and this will then precipitate into civil war and Martial Law as is the wish of the cabal of the elite.

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