UK Column News – 25th July 2016 (Video)


Jul 25, 2016

Today’s UK Column News with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson & Dr. Graham Downing, including:

START Declining birth rates in Japan and the US : eugenics in the local press
03:20 Teenage pregnancies, demographics, European decline of population
04:37 Europe is “trending towards extinction” less a birthrate of at least 2.1
05:48 Impaired fertility in men linked into acetaminophen in paracetamols
06:13 Endocrine Disrupters : Toxic Particulates, Plastics & Petrochemicals
07:29 Israel & an increasing population subject to a boom in its Birth-rate

08:03 Arguments made in favour of population control in The Hindu (India)
09:17 Philippine Press for eugenics, anti-Faith context & extrajudicial killings
10:02 Extinction rates prevail in trends of decline for indigenous Europeans
10:48 Secularism & the destruction of families for the reduction of children
11:26 Urbanisation as a factor & Zika : “A problem that isn’t a problem…”
12:34 “Vaccines made from aborted fetal tissue.” – Is this really a good idea?
13:53 The dystopian reality of United Nations ‘gender programming staff…’
14:32 Gender Equality Architecture Reform : a campaign to destroy gender
15:26 & ‘eradication of traditional genders’ via Sterilisation & contraception
16:14 Latin America & ‘Trainers’ that target Women to destabalise societies
18:01 Solo Reproduction : genetic engineering & demonising Natural Births
19:14 Gender-Merging & planned parenthood : abortions in scale of Millions
20:05 International Planned Parenthood Federation, a Project for Eugenicists
21:09 “We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion…”
22:31 Fetal-harvesting a massive commercial market – ‘demonic quite frankly’
23:19 DNA tests to be used in schools with a campaign for in-house Eugenics
24:23 Transhumanism Rising & new realities of ‘three parents instead of two’
26:04 First Artificial Wombs in the world as Female Bodies Become Obsolete
27:13 Ectogenesis & the social milieu of Aldous Huxley – Gilegud & Haldane
28:42 “out of their imaginations have come the kind of (realities we live with)”
29:36 Goat experiments & a ‘Brave New World’ of one-third-natural humans
30:50 The Fabian Society, birth control, socialism & corporate Growth-farms
31:24 Social services taking children, smashing families, real Abuse Networks
32:02 “Children disappearing for the use of body parts…” an Era of Atrocities
33:47 Big Picture perspectives & the rapid normalisation of inhuman creations
35:01 Human Rights : Red Herrings – ‘power to give is also the power to take’
36:12 Arrest warrants after attempted Turkey coup : the crack-down & purge
37:19 Common Purpose & the Leveson Inquiry : Control of the British Press
38:05 Overwhelmingly innocent journalists intimidated by UK police forces
39:23 Nick Thorpe & the Anglo-Turkish Society presided over by F.S. Boris
40:01 BBC Media Action (as with Turkey) boasts destabalisation of countries
40:39 Appeal to UK Column audience to act as a Watchdog over the B.B.C.
41:28 Statements of wild delusion via UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon
42:13 Gangs & Counter-Gangs : British creation Mau Mau units & to be led
43:01 New Zealand SAS & sacrificial recruiting of Maoris for security forces
44:05 ‘Disingenuous at Best’ – Distortion & Manipulation of Naval weakness
45:24 Security & Trading Relationships must remain ‘strong’ – says a puppet
45:43 Extra training of IED-experts in Iraq & a repositioning of relationships
46:29 World-level Military Integration & a transnational Global Governance
47:16 First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Philip Jones : “rest assured” … ‘All is well!’
49:45 ‘Whatever resources we have are at thine disposal, O’ City of London.’

H/t reader I.G.

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2 thoughts on “UK Column News – 25th July 2016 (Video)”

  1. Again, anyone delving into this subject simply MUST discover the rot goes very deep into the upper workings of the secret services and the ultimate powers that be.

    That closeness to the workings can only result in the individual having a clash of principles or receiving threats. Either way, the ordinary victims will never receive or see justice. Such is democracy in UK.


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