Why Hillary Is Nervous: “More Leaks May Be Coming”

Why Hillary Is Nervous: “More Leaks May Be Coming”:

Over the weekend, Wikileaks posted a treasure trove of emails from various members of the Democrat party which has laid ruin to any hope for civility at the DNC’s convention in Philadelphia.  That said, Hillary’s campaign seems to be even more concerned about what may be leaked next.

Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary’s communication director, recently told reporters:

The WikiLeaks leak was obviously designed to hurt our convention, I don’t think they’re done. That’s how they operate.  We can’t know, but it’s part of the reason that we wanted people to understand our belief that the Russians are behind this.  People need to understand — when these leaks happen — what they’re designed to do.”

Palmieri added that the Clinton campaign was not worried about it’s own email security…which we’re sure the American people will find very reassuring in the wake of that pesky little FBI investigation in which we learned just how secure Hillary’s email account was.

Palmieri’s comments come as Democrats prepare to officially nominate Clinton for president, making her the first woman to be nominated for president by one of the two major political parties. Judging by yesterday’s intraparty strife, one can only imagine how raucous today’s roll-call will be.

Call us crazy, but the campaign seems to be spending way too much time spinning a narrative about Russian involvement, even going so far as to call on Hillary’s friends at the FBI to look into the issue, for this scandal to fade quietly into the night.  Something tells us that Jennifer knows more than she’s letting on and that we’ll get to review some more leaked emails soon.

Alternatively, we’re sure Bill could arrange for a purely coincidental meeting with Putin on a tarmac somewhere to discuss his “grandchildren” but something tells us his audience might not be as “accommodating” as last time he tried that.

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4 thoughts on “Why Hillary Is Nervous: “More Leaks May Be Coming”

  1. How do one knows that Wikileak does not produce fake e-mails? Why should onebelieve Wikileaks unless for political goals like destroying the Clintons?

  2. ” Designed to do”????? Yes that’s what they are “designed to do”
    Have you ever thought they are designed to expose the truth???? If she didn’t do anything wrong why would it hurt them? Oh that’s right, it’s because she is a lying fucking bitch that deserves a room in prison with that lying director of the FBI;0

  3. @Henk Korbee: ‘How does one know that Wikileaks doesn’t produce fake e-mails?’ – It’s very simple: because the ones who wrote the e-mails don’t deny that they wrote them. For example: DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation after e-mail scandal. And by the way, you should learn more about the Clintons. If anybody destroys the Clintons then it must be the Clintons themselves by their disgustingly criminal activities. You could start by informing yourself about their so called ‘humanitarian activities’ through their ‘Clinton Foundation’, for example in Jamaica after the earthquake there. If Wikileaks tries to destroy the Clintons, then it should only be applauded. And I wonder if you have nothing better to do than to worry about the Clintons or to defend them. — http://www.nationalreview.com/article/437883/hillarys-america-secret-history-democratic-party-dinesh-dsouza-clinton-foundation .

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