Brazil: Cold to impact coffee production – “Takes away the sleep of farmers”

Brazil – Cold to impact coffee production:

“Takes away the sleep of farmers.”

18 July 2016 – Frost hit the coffee region in the south for the second time this year  and should directly impact the next crop. There will be an impact on vegetable crops as well. Although beautiful to the eye, it takes away the sleep of farmers.

Temperatures dropped yesterday to -7.1 ° C in Urupema-SC, -6.3 ° C in Maria da Fé-MG, -4.3 ° C in Baran-PR, -1.5 ° C in Ranchi SP – 1.0 ° C in Pradópolis-SP and -0.2 ° C in Ribas do Rio Pardo-MS.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for these links

“Here in Brazil is not killer cold, but cold is reaching cities at lat. 19° (-1,6 Uberaba-MG-Triângulo Mineiro),” says Martin.

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