Hillary’s Staggering Culture of Corruption Knows No Bounds – Latest Email Reveals Global Insider Trading Connection


Hillary’s Staggering Culture of Corruption Knows No Bounds – Latest Email Reveals Global Insider Trading Connection:

Remember when Martha Stewart was nailed and jailed for insider trading?

Imagine an insider trading scheme on a scale several million times more egregious than Martha’s…

That’s exactly the scale of insider influence and corruption Hillary Clinton exercised to influence and protect her son-in-law and Goldman Sachs, one of her big Wall Street backers:

The opportunities for corruption – insider trading of the worst kind – were obvious and deeply disturbing when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and her son-in-law went into a very specific kind of investing.  And the fact that ne’er-do-well husband of Chelsea and father of two grandkids Mark Mezvinsky ended up botching his hedge fund and losing his investors’ money does not prove innocence.

In a long article at Foxnews.com, Peter Byrne lays out the tangled web of influence behind the big financial stakes swirling around Hillary’s actions as secretary of state in 2012.

Mezvinsky, who in earlier years had abandoned work and his wife to go be a ski bum for a number of months, returned to Wall Street and set up a hedge fund that was a kind of satellite operation for Goldman Sachs, the key player on Wall Street; supplier of many top executives to the Treasury Department; and, of course, mega-donor and speech honorarium payer to the Clintons.

Germany was the country that would pay the greatest amount to bail out Greece, so insight into Germany’s plans could pay off big for holders of government bonds bought at fire sale prices.  This inevitably leads to a “perception of a conflict of interest” for Hillary Clinton, even if she never breathed a word to her son-in-law.  But she might not even have had to:

The same month that Eaglevale incorporated its offshore arm, Gary Gensler, the head of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which polices hedge funds, emailed Clinton that a bailout by the European Central Bank could “turn market sentiment” in favor of Greek bonds.

Gensler had previously worked as co-head of finance at Goldman Sachs; he is now the financial director of Clinton’s election campaign. Goldman Sachs has donated up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and $860,000 to Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns. Shortly after Clinton resigned, Goldman Sachs paid her $675,000 in speaking fees.

So the guy currently in charge of raising big bucks for Hillary also has his fingerprints all over this hedge fund and seeking information relevant to the bailout.

The amount of insider influence and corruption staggers the mind of normal people.

That liberal Democrats support Hillary with this question of corruption hanging over her is beyond comprehension.

Martha Stewart spent 5 months in jail.

Multiple Hillary’s sentence by about a million times to arrive at an equal length of justice.

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