Chairman of Greece’s Jetoil Kyriakos Mamidakis Found Dead, Police Spokesman Says

Chairman of Greece’s Jetoil Found Dead, Police Spokesman Says:

Kyriakos Mamidakis, chairman of Greece’s Mamidoil-Jetoil Greek Petroleum SA that sought bankruptcy protection last week, was found dead at his home near Athens Sunday, a Greek police spokesman said.

Mamidakis was found with a gun next to his body in what appears to have been an act of suicide, the police spokesman said, requesting anonymity in line with policy. Calls to the company were unanswered. Mamidakis was born in 1932 on the island of Crete, according to Jetoil’s website.

Oil products retailer Jetoil requested court protection from creditors as it was unable to make payments on its debt, financial website reported July 1.

The company operates a network of 600 gas stations in Greece, a fleet of 33 tanker trucks and seven ships for supplying islands and vessels and owns the largest single storage site in the Balkans. It also operates in neighboring countries including Bulgaria and Albania and is the largest privately-held Greek company, according to Jetoil’s website.

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