European Commission Extends Glyphosate License without Real Restrictions


European Commission Extends Glyphosate License without Real Restrictions:

The unelected European Commission (EC) has unilaterally extended the license of glyphosate until the end of 2017, despite the democratic European member states creating the Great Glyphosate Rebellion by repeatedly not reaching an agreement to renew the approval of the World’s most used herbicide.

The EC has proposed to the Member States certain restrictions on the conditions of use of the probable carcinogen glyphosate, GM Watch reported Wednesday.

However, the restrictions are not significant. The conditions include:

  • a ban on the co-formulant POE-tallowamine from glyphosate-based products. But it has already been in the process of being phased out by manufacturers over the past several years, so industry will not be much inconvenienced.
  • “obligations to reinforce scrutiny of pre-harvest uses” of glyphosate. This essentially means that member states have to look more closely at pre-harvest use; the language is not binding and doesn’t require specific action.
  • to “minimise” use in specific areas (public parks and playgrounds). This doesn’t mean “eliminate” or “ban” and can be interpreted as allowing continued use.

Discussions with the Member States took place this week but were inconclusive, the Commission says. The Commission adds that it “regrets that member states have not yet been able to agree to these restricted conditions and will direct the necessary efforts to have them adopted as soon as possible”.

The extension allows time for the European Chemicals Agency to issue its opinion on the health risks of glyphosate, which they are expected to do in 2017.

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