After ‘Terror Watchlist’ Disarmament, ‘Haters’ will be Next in Line

After ‘Terror Watchlist’ Disarmament, ‘Haters’ will be Next in Line:

“You all are intolerant. I don’t want to coexist with this hate,” a female SJW (“social justice warrior”) at Portland State University tells members of Students for Trump.

“We’re gonna make it against the law for this,” she threatens in response to their peaceful promotion of an ideology she hates. “We are going to expand the definition of ‘hate speech’ to include what you are doing right here.”

That might seem laughable, except we’re already well down that road. The majority of colleges have “hate speech” codes with penalties, meaning the students have been indoctrinated to accept an artificial authority with the power to regulate expression, often backed by case law. And we only need look to our neighbor to the north to see such practices carrying the power of law, meaning edicts are ultimately enforceable via armed coercion.

We’ve also seen a proclivity of some, including on the Supreme Court, to look to foreign law for guidance on U.S. legal thought instead of confining matters to the Constitution. And if one politician has his way, “hate” will be the justification for disarming Americans — and just guess who the government has in mind.

“Strong supporter of the second amendment” Senator Bob Casey, who claimed he “opposes increased regulation on firearm ownership” (that is, before he “voted YES on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets”), has come up with a new and creative way to disarm anyone stupid enough to give him political power:

Make “hate crimes” grounds for prohibiting firearms ownership.

We’re not even talking felonies, we’re talking misdemeanors. Actually, we’re not even talking misdemeanors. Casey’s latest act of un-American treachery would:

“[P]rohibit the sale of firearms to anyone reasonably suspected to be guilty of a misdemeanor hate crime.”

Read that again and let it sink in.

Now understand that Oath Keepers are perpetually spotlighted by the Southern Poverty Law Center under its “Hate Watch” banner, despite a clear restriction on membership codified in the group’s bylaws:

No person who advocates, or has been or is a member, or associated with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, nationality, creed, or color, shall be entitled to be a member or associate member.

Could the position be any clearer? Then again, the totalitarian lobby also calls this group that bases its very existence on the oath to the Constitution as “anti-government.”

Now we see — from just yesterday — SPLC provided testimony against Oath Keepers and others to the House Committees on Natural Resources and Homeland Security Forum on Countering Extremism on America’s Public Lands via a report titled “Antigovernment Movement Represents Serious Threat of Domestic Terror and Direct Threat to Lives of Federal Employees.”

Casey’s bill will probably go nowhere — for now.  Also uncertain is if any action will be taken on competing so-called “terror watchlist” proposals being floated by gun-grabbing “Due process is killing us” Democrats and by NRA-backed Republicans, who have yet to explain what they mean by “due process” (any bets if it involves a jury trial?)

Beyond that, just as many currently in positions of political power were campus radicals in the Sixties, repellent creatures like the Portland SJW will take their places within a generation, and who knows what insanely tyrannical edicts they’ll enact?  That is, assuming either the Republic has not split up or been restored, or that they’re not wearing burqas…

That last crack wasn’t “hate speech,” was it?

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