Hillary and Obama Want “Weapon of War” Ar-15 Banned After Orlando Shooting


Hillary and Obama Want “Weapon of War” Ar-15 Banned After Orlando Shooting:

Now might be a good time to invest in a manufacturer that makes the AR-15… their stock is probably about to skyrocket. Why?

The president and the woman scheming to become president today are both calling for them to be banned.

Following the already highly politicized Orlando mass shooting that reportedly left 49 people dead and another 50+ wounded, Hillary has come out to say that the “weapon of war” used in the attack should be banned completely.

“We know the gunman used a weapon of war,” Hillary told CNN. She then goes on to say the assault weapons ban should be reinstated.

Listen for yourself:

“I believe strongly common sense gun safety reform across our country would make a difference,” Hillary said. Go ahead and guess what “common sense” is in her view.

Following that, CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller Tweeted out that President Obama agrees America should ban these “weapons of war” and they should not be allowed to be sold in gun stores.

It may seem too soon to point out the obvious, but this shooting, in targeting the LGBT crowd, also targeted primarily Democrat voters going into an election year and before the final primary. Hillary has made gun control a central focus of her campaign. It’s not too hard to figure out how this shooting will be used to try and get that accomplished.

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1 thought on “Hillary and Obama Want “Weapon of War” Ar-15 Banned After Orlando Shooting”

  1. The police in the USA don’t need them either then!!!! The police also don’t need bayonets you stupid mother fuckers, but they have those too! IF YOU REALLY HATE OUR GUN LAWS AND OUR CONSTITUTION: GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND LET THE DOOR SMOKE YOU IN THE ASS ON YOUR WAY OUT YOU STUPID CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love my guns. I’m going to buy more now because of this stupid talk. Guns don’t kill people any more than a spoon makes a person fat or a pencil spells a word wrong. Why is this more tragic than the 43 people killed in Chicago on Memorial weekend? We don’t see them making that national headlines. Oh wait, it’s because Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country! Obviously it doesn’t work fucktards! When you get all the guns out of the hands of criminals, gangs and the police; then and only then will I give up my rifles…..


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