Watch As The World’s Most Powerful People Arrive At The 2016 Bilderberg Meeting

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Watch As The World’s Most Powerful People Arrive At The 2016 Bilderberg Meeting:

As reported previously, starting today politicians, bankers, influential leaders, chiefs of major global businesses, even actors and pundits will meet at the 64th Bilderberg meeting, set to take place over the next three days at the Taschenbergpalais Hotel in Dresden, Germany, where the official agenda will be quite different from what will really be discussed (read this for a full breakdown).

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is set to rub shoulders with disgraced ex-CIA (and current KKR director) Director David H. Petraeus, Philip M. Breedlove, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, ex-British MI6 chief John Sawers and IMF boss Christine Lagarde at the

The conference, surrounded by tight hundreds of heavily armed guards and concrete blocks, is notoriously secretive in its discussions which take place under Chatham House rules (nothing can be revealed), and regularly attracts demonstrations against what critics describe as a global meeting of western capitalists, politicians and academics who wield great power behind the scenes.

No journalists are allowed to report on proceedings, however it will be attended by Richard Engel, chief Foreign Correspondent, NBC News, John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg LP and Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief of The Economist, which is owned by Rothschild, a name which figures intimately in all Bilderberg events.

Other visitors are certainly not welcome at the premises:

Daniel Estulin, author of “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” describes the meetings as “a shadow world government…. [threatening] to take away our right to direct our own destinies (by creating) a disturbing reality. “Imagine a private club where presidents, prime ministers, international bankers and generals rub shoulders, where gracious royal chaperones ensure everyone gets along, and where the people running the wars, markets, and Europe (and America) say what they never dare say in public.”

As reported yesterday, among the dozens of guests included this year are Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Alphabet Inc., which owns Google; Michael O’Leary, CEO, Ryanair; Thomas de Maizière, German Minister of the Interior; Col. Chris Hadfield, Astronaut; and Thomas Enders, CEO, Airbus Group.

And while there is no way to report from inside the hotel, courtesy of social media we at least managed to get a glimpse of the world’s richest and most powerful people as they made their way to the inner sanctum.

The traffic jam:

The limos arrive:

As do the private jets:

There were some confiscations and arrests…

But nothing to write home about, and certainly nothing to derail the procession which saw the following special arrivals:

Former Fannie Mae CEO, prominent Democrat and Goldman board member, James Johnson:

Henry Kissinger:

Thomas Enders; Airbus CEO:

Ben van Beurden; Shell CEO:


Jack Black

Niall Ferguson

Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir, Economist director:

Libertarian Peter Thiel:

Eurocrat Jose-Manuel Barroso:

And even the “token black guy”, Vernon Jordan:

Finally, in video format:

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