Record Cold In Brazil – Snow Is Coming And Lots Of Frost!

Record cold in Brazil:

Snow is coming and lots of frost! The cold will increase. 

8 June 2016 – Southern Brazil has seen record temperatures below zero since June 3. On Tuesday, the lowest in Brazil was 2.2 ° C below zero in Santa Catarina. The temperature also fell below zero in Bom Jardim da Serra, Rio Rufino and Urubici.

The National Institute of Meteorology also recorded a negative temperature in Cruz Alta of -0.9 ° C. General Carneiro, Paraná, recorded 0.9 ° C below zero.

Meanwhile, there is the possibility of snow in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina mountains, which did not receive snow in 2015.

Santa Catarina windchill of -18 ° C at dawn

8 June 2016 – In Santa Catarina, the cold is extreme. At dawn on Wednesday, 8, 14 cities recorded subzero temperatures. In one of Brazil’s coldest spots, the hill of the Church in Urubici, registered -1 ° C, but with the intense wind from the south, the wind chill plummeted to -18 ° C.

Residents of other cities also saw the thermometer plummet. A Urupema, Sierra Santa Catarina, fell to -3,4ºC to 5 hours. Sawn bridge marked -2.9 ° C and in Rio das Antas -2 ° C.

Many municipalities were covered in white in the early hours of the day and marked 0 ° C. Sierra, flowers and lawns of the gardens were frozen.

In June, Florianópolis had the lowest temperature of the last seven years at 3 ° C.

According to the Meteorological Center of Santa Catarina (Epagri / Ciram), the next morning the temperature will decline further. The wave of polar air will last until Monday, 13. And for the weekend the forecast is for snow in the highlands of South Plateau.

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