Royal Canadian Mint Smashes All Records, Strongest Sales Ever of Silver Maples

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Royal Canadian Mint Smashes All Records, Strongest Sales Ever of Silver Maples:

It seems like every other week I write an article that states “a new record has been broken”. It is truly a sign of the times and an indication of the events that are unfolding all around us in this upside-down world we now find ourselves in.

This article is no different. It’s another strong indication of what is happening behind the scenes amongst the “smart money”. The Royal Canadian Mint has broken yet another record, a record they obtained only just last year.

Sales of their ever popular Canadian Silver Maple Leaf have surged in Q1 2016. The results are in and a new record has been made! The mint sold a stunning 10.6 million oz, a 27% increase over their strong sales experienced this time last year in Q1 2015. In addition to this, it is well over 1 million oz more than their all-time record seen in Q3 2015.

You may wonder if this is just a one off, yet it is not. Sales of all gold and silver products are up nearly 20% this year over last, indicating that money is truly flowing into precious metals.

This has been a long-term trend that we have talked about on this blog for years. Sales keep making new records among the major mints and physical investors of the precious metals continue to accumulate as prices remain at these artificially depressed levels.

The rampant manipulation is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it has allowed people to take massive amounts of physical off the market and allowed people such as myself to add to our long-term position, building our stacks ever higher. On the other hand, it has damaged those greatly that are ready to begin selling their rounds and enjoy their much deserved retirements.

Ultimately, for those of us in the camp that want to see the precious metals move higher in the long term, there is no denying that keeping prices at such low levels for so long is going to destroy the manipulators in the end. The physical markets will once day assert themselves once again and take control of the phony paper price.

In the meantime, if prices continue to remain at these stagnant levels, we can expect to see more and more records broken as the world continues to crater on the edge of an epic financial disaster. This is an event that will undoubtedly send precious metals exploding higher as those “late to the party” attempt to get whatever they can, at whatever price.

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