David Cameron’s ‘Project Fear’ Goes Full M.A.D. – Vote No To Brexit Or Face World War 3


Cameron’s ‘Project Fear’ Goes Full M.A.D. – Vote No To Brexit Or Face World War 3:

Just as the government did in the lead up to The Scottish Referendum in 2014, it appears David Cameron is already escalating the so-called Project Fear. In a stunning statement of sheer fearmongery, clearly reflecting the establishment’s panic at the rise of Brexit votes in the polls, The Telegraph reports UK PM David Cameron warned that Britain will pay a high cost if “we turn our back” on the EU, invoking Sir Winston Churchill and highlighting the battles of Trafalgar, Blenheim, Waterloo and the two World Wars as evidence that Britain cannot pretend to be “immune from the consequences.”

As The Daily Mirror reports, David Cameron has pleaded for Britain to stay in the EU to help prevent the Continent being ripped apart by another conflict.

Mr Cameron today highlighted the UK’s role in bringing peace to Europe as he hit the referendum campaign trail – just hours before a rival speech by rival Tory MP Boris Johnson.

Introduced by Labour ex-Foreign Secretary David Miliband at the British Museum in London, he said: “Can we be so sure peace and stability on our continent are assured beyond any shadow of doubt? Is that a risk worth taking? “I would never be so rash to make that assumption.”

Mr Cameron evoked the image of the lines of fallen British soldiers’ graves on the continent.

He referred to Britain’s role in “pivotal moments in European history: Blenheim, Trafalgar, Waterloo, our country’s heroism in the Great War and, most of all, our lone stand in 1940”.

He added: “What happens in our neighbourhood matters to Britain. That was true in 1914, 1940, 1989…. and it is true in 2016.”

And he recalled how Winston Churchill “argued passionately for Western Europe to come together, to promote free trade and build institutions which would endure so our continent would never again see such bloodshed”.

The Prime Minister said many threats to stability still remain – from a “newly belligerent Russia” to the so-called Islamic State and migration crisis.

But he was attacked hours later by Brexit-backing Mr Johnson, who said:

“People should think very hard before they make these kinds of warnings.

No, I don’t believe that leaving the EU would cause World War Three to break out on the European continent.”

And finally, seemingly dampening down the PM’s fearmongery rhetoric, the government has made no plans for Brexit – despite David Cameron claiming it could trigger war:

 Mr Cameron’s spokesman admitted the government has made no contingency plans for a Leave vote in the June 23 referendum – despite the warning of war.

Perhaps this is why Cameron has gone full scare-tard…


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