Defence industry poised for billion dollar profits from global riot ‘contagion’

Riot gear on sale at the 2015 Milipol security expo in Paris

Defence industry poised for billion dollar profits from global riot ‘contagion’:

 Forecasts of relentless civil unrest in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia seen as massive ‘investment opportunity’

by Nafeez Ahmed

This exclusive is published by INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a crowd-funded investigative journalism project for the global commons

The next five years will see the international market for ‘riot control systems’ boom to a value of more than $5 billion at an annual growth rate of 5%, according to a new report by a global business intelligence firm.

The report forecasts a dramatic rise in civil unrest across the world, including in North America and Europe, driven by an increase in Ferguson-style incidents and “extremist attacks.”

The Middle East, North Africa and Asia-Pacific regions will also experience a persistent rise in conflicts.

This increasing trend in instability promises billions of dollars of profits for global defence firms, concludes the report, published last month by Infiniti Research Ltd., a market intelligence firm whose clients include Fortune 500 companies.

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1 thought on “Defence industry poised for billion dollar profits from global riot ‘contagion’”

  1. Sign America up for the best of everything. Of course money is no object! We can just write it off on the tax payers as usual. They don’t mind having their hard earned tax dollars spent on equipment and people who are only out to abuse them. I always said that you know when it’s game over when our government acquires everything it needs to destroy us. Then and only then will they have serious talks about reigning in our ridiculous spending habits….


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