Hillary Clinton Campaign Deploys $1 Million in Super PAC Money to Troll Social Media Critics


Clinton Campaign Deploys $1 Million in Super PAC Money to Troll Social Media Critics:

What is it with the Hillary cult?

As a lifelong Democrat who will be enthusiastically voting for Bernie Sanders in next week’s Pennsylvania primary, I have trouble understanding the fuzzy rosy filter through which Hillary fans see their champion. So much must be overlooked or discounted—from Hillary’s compulsive money-lust and her brazen indifference to normal rules to her conspiratorial use of shadowy surrogates and her sociopathic shape-shifting in policy positions for momentary expedience.

Hillary’s breathtaking lack of concrete achievements or even minimal initiatives over her long public career doesn’t faze her admirers a whit. They have a religious conviction of her essential goodness and blame her blank track record on diabolical sexist obstructionists. When at last week’s debate Hillary crassly blamed President Obama for the disastrous Libyan incursion that she had pushed him into, her acolytes hardly noticed. They don’t give a damn about international affairs—all that matters is transgender bathrooms and instant access to abortion.

– From the post: Camille Paglia – “Enough with the Hillary Cult”

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, spent several characteristically painful to read paragraphs whining about Bernie Sanders and his supporters. Rather than subject readers to more of his infantile gibberish than necessary, let me highlight  just one paragraph in particular:

This latest incident is part of a troubling pattern of behavior — occurring just as Bernie’s mathematical odds of winning the nomination dwindle toward zero –– in which Sanders and his team are not just debating us on issues (which we all agree is perfectly fair), but rather attacking Hillary Clinton’s character, integrity, and motivations.

Either Robby Mook is a complete imbecile, or he thinks Clinton supporters are the biggest bunch of clueless, low information voters on the planet. He claims Sanders supporters are not focused on the “issues” because they point out glaring flaws in Hillary Clinton’s character, integrity, and motivations. What makes his claim so remarkable, is that anyone paying attention knows that the American people’s lack of trust in her has been the biggest issue of the entire campaign. Moreover, of course such concerns should be seen as a legitimate key issue in any United States Presidential contest.

Voters don’t trust her and for good reason. You could’ve filled up the Library at Alexandria with books covering her shadiness, insatiable greed and complete lack of ethics. Indeed, this apparent lack of character “non issue” according to the Mook Mafia, is the primary reason she continues to struggle mightily to win her party’s nomination, and why she will likely lose to Trump in the general.

I’ve spent countless hours documenting her sordid history, but we don’t need to dwell on the past when it comes to Hillary. Virtually each and every day we are presented with another nauseating scandal or impropriety. It’s in this woman’s DNA.

For the latest example, we turn to RawStory:

A super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is saying that it can work with her campaign on an initiative concerning online comments — a departure from the rules usually governing such groups, the Daily Beast reported.

The group, Correct The Record, is allowed to do so through a Federal Election Commission (FEC) loophole regarding the issue.

The group, which was founded last May as an offshoot of the American Bridge super PAC, announced on Thursday that it was spending $1 million to fund what it calls “barrier breakers” — a task force focusing on countering anti-Clinton rhetoric online on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Correct The Record said in a statement that it had already addressed more than 5,000 Twitter users who have “personally attacked” the former Secretary of State and current Democratic front-runner.

Hillary is so corrupt, her SuperPACs multiply by giving birth to baby SuperPACs.

Correct The Record’s parent group was created by Media Matters for America founder David Brock, and was criticized last year by the non-partisan Campaign Legal Center.

“What they are doing with Correct the Record is groundbreaking,” said an attorney for the center, Paul Ryan. “It is creating new ways to undermine campaign regulation.”

True, when it comes to loopholes, money in politics and overall shadiness, Hillary Clinton certainly knows how to break ground.

Hillary is to politics what Wall Street is to financial fraud.

For more, let’s turn to the always informative USUncut:

A Super PAC headed by a longtime Clinton operative is spending $1 million to hire online trolls to “correct” Bernie Sanders’ supporters on social media.

Correct The Record (CTR), which is operated by Clinton attack dog and new owner of Blue Nation Review David Brock, launched a new initiative this week called “Barrier Breakers 2016” for the purpose of debating supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders — or “Bernie Bros,” as they’re referred to in Correct the Record’s press official release — on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms.

The “Barrier Breakers” will also publicly thank Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates and fans for supporting her campaign. The paid trolls are professional communicators, coming from public relations and media backgrounds.

“The task force staff’s backgrounds are as diverse as the community they will be engaging with and include former reporters, bloggers, public affairs specialists, designers, Ready for Hillary alumni, and Hillary super fans who have led groups similar to those with which the task force will organize,” CTR stated.

“As diverse as the community they will be engaging with?” I think not. These will be paid mercenary defenders of the status quo, battling it out online against everyday Americans.

She concluded with a damning assessment: “Campaign finance lawyers are not that impressed with [CTR’s] logic, but they can get away with it because the [Federal Election Commission] is deadlocked and does nothing.”

Typical. Sort of like the SEC, the DOJ, etc, etc, “deadlocked” when it comes to elite criminality.

Watson also made note of the unprecedented and bizarre nature of the program, saying, “Usually places like MMFA and CTR are defending her against the media and established figures. This seems to be going after essentially random individuals online,” she said. “I don’t know that they’ve done anything like this before.”

I guess I should feel slighted, as I’ve yet to encounter a Hillary Trollbot in the wild. I guess I better step up my game. See you online, criminals.

Finally, I’d like to end thing with a quote from the CNN article, Clinton’s Advice on Cyberbullying: ‘Don’t Take it Personally’:

Hillary Clinton said Friday the Internet has provided a place for bullies to say “the most vile, harassing, incredibly mean spirited things” that “they would never say it to somebody’s face” — an issue she has personal experience with. 

During a roundtable in Pennsylvania, Clinton urged women “don’t take it personally because it can knock you to your knees if you take it personally.”

Sure, try not to take it personally. If that doesn’t work, just deploy $1 million in SuperPAC money.

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