To Save The Economy, We Have To Break Its One Sacred Rule

H/T reader squodgy:

“I’ve been advocating the principles of “THE GROWTH ILLUSION” by the late Richard Douthwaite for a few years now,
GDP GROWTH benefits nobody but the Banksters.

They use it to push businesses to expand. The businesses can only expand using loans/overdrafts/bonds. Who benefits from this????Doh!”

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To Save The Economy, We Have To Break Its One Sacred Rule:

We must stop worshiping the false god of GDP growth.

Scholars are still trying to figure out why the society on Easter Island collapsed, ending the people famed for their construction of towering stone heads. One interesting theory holds that it had to do with the heads themselves. Somehow, the islanders decided that the giant heads represented power and success, so different groups competed to build as many heads as possible. But because there was only one quarry, to move the stones around the island required felling trees to use as rollers. To feed their lust for heads, they felled the trees so eagerly that, over just a few generations, what was once a tropical forest was reduced to barren scrubland.

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