Jim Stone On The Russian Plane Crash


FINAL ANSWER: I watched the video of the Russian plane crash. It was nose dived into the runway in perfectly clear weather at 500 plus mph, PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION.see for yourself here and the question is, why are they lying about this? The debris field has only a couple pieces bigger than a football and is spread out for over a mile. That does not happen at controlled landing speeds as Russia claimed, EVER.

UPDATE: I suspected it was on fire in the first video, and a new video from a different angle seems to confirm it. It was definitely at least in a free fall which could have been caused by a stall (if it was not in a full on dive,) and if it was in a free fall because of a stall, I do not think the stall was pilot error, I think the plane was disabled and on fire. Free fall speed would be less than 500 mph but a lot faster than landing speed. I think this plane was probably shot down or brought down by something else and the Russians do not want to admit it.


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