“Is This Who We Want” – Hillary Strikes Back With Attack Ad Mocking Trump

“Is This Who We Want” – Hillary Strikes Back With Attack Ad Mocking Trump:

When yesterday we showed Donald Trump’s first long overdue Hillary Clinton attack ad (which starred Jihadi John, a laughing Putin, and a barking Hillary) which had a simple message “we don’t need to be a punchline”, we predicted that it would “resonate.” It did, and within hours had accumulated several hundreds thousands views.

Many wondered how long until Hillary’s response. They didn’t habe long to wait – earlier today, Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton SuperPAC, on Thursday came out with its own attack ad mocking Trump.

Hillary’s attack ad is shown below:

The oddly unimaginative, almost carbon-copy clip uses the same footage and wording as Trump’s, until cutting to a Trump interview with MSNBC from earlier this week.

“I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain, and I’ve said a lot of things,” Trump says in the clip, which ends with the same punchline as that released by Trump a day earlier: “we don’t need to be a punchline”

The ad follows with a shot of Clinton laughing. It is unclear precisely why the footage was taken from the 11-hour Benghazi hearings in October: perhaps it symbolizes Hillary laughing at her devastating foreign policy which led her to defend herself in Congress against accusations her actions led to the death of Americans in Libya.

What is clear is that the as Trump and Hillary increasingly duke it out against each other, this will be the most entertaining election in recent history.

As a reminder, this is the original Trump attack ad released yesterday.

We’ll let readers decide which attack ad is more memorable, and respond to the rhetorical “is this who we want.”  As for the U.S. “not wanting to be a punchline,” sadly it’s too late for that, which incidentally explains Trump’s meteoric rise in the polls, one which even JPMorgan has noticed

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