Ice Age Now Website Blocked By Internet Provider In Australia

Australian internet carrier blocking iceagenow website:

A couple of days ago I received a disturbing message from a reader in Australia.

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I’m a long term but previously silent reader in Sydney Australia. For most of 2016 your site has been unreachable for me, and I thought it must be down. Turns out it is being blocked by the Australian carrier Optusnet* (my ISP.) I’m now using the Tor Browser to access your site.

See my thread on an Australian electronics forum with trace route and ping details:

I don’t suppose you have set up a block on an IP address range from Optus? That’s the only other explanation. But it’s more likely Optus doing it, since they do have a government-sponsored site censorship system.

On my site:

Thanks to Guy Dunphy for this info

No, I am not blocking Optus. The blocking must be coming from them. I’ve heard from a few other Australian readers who have also been blocked. Now I know why.

Looks like censorship is alive and well in Australia.

*According to Wikipedia, Optus is the second largest telecommunications company in Australia.

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1 thought on “Ice Age Now Website Blocked By Internet Provider In Australia”

  1. The thin end of the global censorship wedge. Information flow via normal channels, links and websites will be increasingly blocked. But, as with taxes, curfews, and general freedom curtailment, determination will endure and find a way to communicate.

    Hell fire….only two decades ago most of us were still writing letters by hand!


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