Migrant Crisis: HARBURG, Germany: 14-Year-Old Gang Raped, Dumped Outside And Left To Die In The Freezing February Night

02/03/2016 – HARBURG, Germany – 14 year old raped, left to die

Police are now investigating an attempted murder dating from February after a 14 year old girl in the care of Wandsbek youth services hostel was taken out of the home by a 15 year old ‘friend’ and taken to an apartment. There the two met four men, aged 14, 16, 16, and 21, who fed the young girl so much alcohol she passed out.

The men then gang raped the young girl, with her ‘friend’ filming the acts on her mobile phone. The girl was then dumped outside, unconscious, in the freezing February night where she very nearly died, police are now treating this act as attempted murder.

The four men, who are thought to have come from Serbia to Germany, may have already left the country, reports MOPO.

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