GMO Labeling: The Shocking Draft Text of the New Dark Act



GMO Labeling: The Shocking Draft Text of the New Dark Act:

A US Senate committee is working on a new ‘Dark Act” legislation that would prevent states from requiring labels on genetically modified foods. Sustainable Pulse has decided to publish a copy of the new Dark Act draft.

The new Dark Act contains some shocking text including details of how the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture will become a preacher for the U.S. Biotech industry: “EDUCATION.—The Secretary, in coordination with other Federal agencies as appropriate, shall provide science-based information, including any information on the environmental, nutritional, economic, and humanitarian benefits of agricultural biotechnology, through education, outreach, and promotion to address consumer acceptance of agricultural biotechnology.”

Vermont is set to require GMO labeling this summer, which would be blocked if the new Dark Act is supported by the Senate.

Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts of Kansas released the draft legislation late Friday that would create a voluntary labeling system for companies that want to use them on food packages that contain genetically modified ingredients.

Voluntary labeling actually means no labeling as food companies have been able to voluntarily label for GMOs in the U.S. for the last 15 years and have not done so.

Full Text of the Draft New Dark

The Senate panel is scheduled to vote on the bill on Thursday.


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