Hillary: I Don’t Believe I Ever Lied to the Public

Hillary: I Don’t Believe I Ever Lied to the Public:
Hillary Clinton believes she’s never lied to the American public. No, seriously.“Well, I have to tell you, I have tried in every way I know how, literally from my years as a young lawyer, all the way through to my time as Secretary of State, to level with the American people,” Clinton told NBC’s Scott Pelley in an interview Thursday.

“You talk about leveling with the American people, have you always told the truth?” he pressed.

“I’ve always tried to. Always. Always.”

Pelley persisted, saying, “Some people are going to call that ‘wiggle room’ you just gave yourself … You know, Jimmy Carter said, ‘I will never lie to you.’”

“You know you’re asking me to say ‘have I ever’ — I don’t believe I ever have,” Clinton insisted. “I don’t believe I ever have, I don’t believe I ever will. I’m going to do the best I can to level with the American people.”

Either Hillary Clinton 1) lied to Pelley in a horribly misguided attempt to convey credibility, 2) felt her use of the terms ‘believe’ and ‘level with’ could excuse past lies on a technicality, or 3) honestly doesn’t believe she’s ever lied — in which case she’s a just a sociopath to be avoided at all costs.

Hillary has, indeed, lied to the American people. Myriad times. And considering the sheer number of lies, it’s entirely plausible those lies known to the public evidence habitual deception — which is, frankly, an alarming habit for a serious presidential contender.

The following are a random assortment of tall tales, truth-stretchers, head-scratchers, and Hillary Clinton’s general mendaciousness.

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