Frozen Bubbles, Alberta, Canada
Frozen bubbles – Alberta

Fourth donation in 2016.

Infinite Unknown reader A.H. donated $15.

Thank you for your support!

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Donations in February: $15

Donations in January: $85,00, £25

* * *

Donations in 2016: $100,00, £25

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Please support my work.

I am very, very lucky if I earn $1.50 per hour of work (in any given month). Sometimes it’s much, much less.

And that is not taking into consideration that the website is not floating for free on the internet.

I support you, so please support me, or I really have to change the way I am doing this.

Maybe I have to resort to just posting a headline and then providing only a link to the news article, which will still keep you informed and will safe me an enormous amount of time.

The website however would look like a desert.


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